Fans accuse MrBeast Burger of selling raw food, and the internet is divided 

Image via MrBeast/YouTube
Image via MrBeast/YouTube

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast's ambitious fast food endeavor, MrBeast Burger seems to find itself on a bit of a slippery slope just a day after being launched across the USA.

The 22-year old YouTuber recently launched MrBeast Burger, his own brand of fast-food restaurants across the country.

The initial hype surrounding his announcement has been gargantuan, with the app crashing numerous times due to an influx of orders:

However, it now looks like his foray into the restaurant business has landed in hot water, as several fans have taken to Twitter to complain about their orders being served raw:

Many believe that this is due to the enormous launch and complexities involved in catering to a nationwide customer base, that too on such short notice.

While a large number of complaints have been leveled against MrBeast Burger online, a few even tried to expose him by contacting YouTuber Keemstar, who in fact turned down their requests and supported MrBeast:

From the tweets above, Keemstar certainly seems to be making a logical point, as pulling off a nationwide restaurant service overnight is nothing short of a herculean task.

On account of this, the internet is now on the fence, with fans and critics of MrBeast duking it out on Twitter.

Twitter reacts to MrBeast burger allegedly serving raw food


Ever since MrBeast announced MrBeast Burger, Twitter has been flooded with numerous complaints, with fans expressing disappointment over their burgers being served raw:

A few tried to take a more rational approach, as they attempted to highlight the complexities involved in the food business:

While the sight of being served raw food can certainly be off putting for all, the entire issue seems to stem from a massive time constraint, coupled with a massive influx of orders.

This is a glaring error which can however, certainly be fixed and MrBeast himself recently responded, by assuring fans that he will work towards rectifying this flaw:

Knowing MrBeast, he will certainly go all out to overcome this baptism by fire, as he continues to have the backing of his fans who firmly believe that one slip-up does not undo his string of past services for society.

MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers today, who has amassed millions of followers across the globe.

Apart from releasing YouTube videos, which revolve around wholesome giveaways and staging ridiculous stunts, he is also known for his extensive philanthropic work.

In honor of the tremendous year that he has had so far, he was recently crowned Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards 2020 and now looks all set to enthrall fans with his "most insane video" yet on Christmas.