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Fans baffled as TommyInnit's latest Minecraft video gets age-restricted 

Image via TommyInnit
Image via TommyInnit
Modified 11 Jan 2021, 02:02 IST

TommyInnit has seen a Minecraft video get the dreaded age-restriction, and it is most likely due to the repeated references that he makes to Quackity becoming the dragon's "hoe."

As seen in this clip, the streamer lets the video get sexual, stating that the dragon had picked a "dumba*s h*e" and that Quackity should be the dragon's "hoe."

YouTube is very strict about any videos made for kids and going into any kind of sexual territory is usually an instant hit from the platform. YouTube has recently been put into a position by the FCC where they have no choice but to restrict every video that is aimed for children that doesn't follow the guidelines set.

While a video hitting an age-restriction is not close to a takedown or even a demonetization, no streamer who plays Minecraft can hope to do well with one when their target audience is children and those under the age of 18.

TommyInnit is not a stranger to adult and sexual topics, as his fans will know. Here is one of his tweets from this month that definitely isn't a type the type of humor aimed for young children.

Still, many fans are complaining about not being able to see TommyInnit's video and are not afraid to show their opinions. As can be seen below, many are frustrated that the video can be age-restricted for jokes or allusions.

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Even Tommy is feeling the pain, as he is 16 years old and so, he can't watch the video he made due to the age-restriction placed, which isn't without its irony.


But it would appear that many viewers have taken the opposite route and have pointed this out as a way of making fun of the Minecraft streamer.

Even Jacksepticeye himself has come out to poke fun at Tommy, most likely as a light jab as opposed to any kind of ill intent.

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TommyInnit's video goes above just a few sexual references


Looking deeper into the video, it is clear to see why YouTube felt that this kind of content was only to be seen by mature audiences. There is a reference to erectile dysfunction, a player running to try and have sex with a dragon's wife and vice versa, a reference to Shrek's Donkey and his dragon wife and their sexual relations, and much more.

Whether or not the community agrees or not, it is clear from YouTube's terms and conditions that videos for anyone under the age of 18 cannot have sexual references or innuendos and this video has so very much.

That will not stop TommyInnit, however, because this is the type of content that he posts on a semi-frequent basis, and since the video has already earned an easy 2 million views, he can call this one a winner all on its own. Another point to make is that Tommy is already off on a new escapade in getting the attention of pop singer Arianna Grande.

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Published 11 Jan 2021, 02:02 IST
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