Fans react as new Genshin Impact quest reveals more about Yakshas and Liyue’s past with a thrilling ending

A lot of Travelers are talking about Xiao today (Image via miHoYo)
A lot of Travelers are talking about Xiao today (Image via miHoYo)

The latest Archon Quest has gotten a lot of Genshin Impact fans reacting to the Yakshas and other Liyue-based characters' involvement in it. This game has a sizable chunk of players who love looking at the game's lore, yet not all reactions are related to that. There are also many fans just talking about the Yakshas' appearance.

It's an interesting rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from some serious discussions about Liyue's past to Genshin Impact fans wanting more waifus. Either way, the community is buzzing with discussions right now.

Note: This article will contain some minor spoilers, so anybody who despises spoilers should head back now.

Genshin Impact fans react to the recent quest's reveal of Yakshas and Liyue's past

Had to draw the scene that made me cry#GenshinImpact #原神 #xiao

Some Travelers were moved by the recent Archon Quest, especially since Xiao was willing to sacrifice himself to protect those around him. Fortunately, he's still alive, but there is something touching about all of his old comrades being long gone as he tries to find out what happened to Bosacius.

saving others and being saved 🥹#Xiao #GenshinImpact #原神

A few Travelers even speculated that Xiao would die at the end of the Archon Quest, as some characters like La Signora have been killed before. Hence, they were glad to see that Zhongli saved him from this untimely fate.

//genshin impact spoilers// version 2.7 spoilers// 2.7 spoilersyelan reaching out to xiao really hurt. despite not knowing him that well, she wanted to save him because she knew he was going to try to sacrifice himself...!

The above tweet shows the brief clip where Xiao attempts to save everybody else, which also has a sweet interaction from Yelan where she tries to reach out to him. Shortly afterward, Xiao is shown to still be alive, thanks to Zhongli saving him.

//genshin impact spoilers// version 2.7 spoilers// 2.7 spoilersthere have been so many instances in the fandom where zhongli is characterized as an incredibly cold-hearted and ruthless being; in more drastic cases where people believe he's harmed xiao. no.
genshin impact spoilers //no bcos the way zhongli obviously cares enough to keep a close eye on the happenings of liyue AND his adepti. i don't even know how to describe the way i feel right now, i just love zhongli so much like dfkdfhkdfskjdfs
(2.7 spoilers)this IS the first time zhongli has saved someone after retirement he didn’t interfere when liyue was in danger multiple times or when traveler was body slammed by water worm’s wife. But when it comes to xiao…

Zhongli's recent interactions in this Genshin Impact quest show that he isn't as heartless as some Travelers in the community think he is. At the very least, they shouldn't think he would harm Xiao for no reason. Zhongli chose to ignore many other plights affecting Liyue but didn't ignore Xiao in his time of need.

After everything Xiao has been through in his life, it's easy to see why some Genshin Impact fans create wholesome fanart where other characters try to cheer him up. The above tweet has over 36K Likes, clearly showing how much the community likes this idea.

For some Genshin Impact fans, the Yakshas' brief appearance stole the show. One didn't need to know everything about Liyue's lore to enjoy seeing Xiao's past with them when he was happier.

Funny reactions

new genshin lore just dropped: the electro yaksha is hot

Naturally, many of the reactions to the recent quest will be more humorous in nature. Genshin Impact fans love to openly display their thirst for some of the game's characters, and it's happening once again with the new Yaksha designs. The Electro Yaskha (Bosacius) is very muscular, a rarity among male designs in this game.

// spoilers genshin impact I’m gonna cry so she is the hydro yaksha and she doesn’t breathe anymore ?

Another breakout design with a great chunk of the fanbase reacting is Bonanus's appearance. Several users online have been talking about how cute she is and how disappointed they are that she's dead.

We could have had two waifu yakshas if they were still alive! 😮😮😮#原神 #GenshinImpact #genshintwt #genshin #xiao #yaksha #alatus #bosacius #indarias #bonanus #menogias #waifu

It's not like Indarias's design went unnoticed, either. All of the Yakshas except Xiao are dead, which can disappoint some Travelers, given their excellent designs would have made them popular characters.

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