Genshin Impact 2.7 Archon Quest reveals what happened to the Electro Yaksha and the others

Their appearance on Genshin Impact's recent story teaser (Image via miHoYo)
Their appearance on Genshin Impact's recent story teaser (Image via miHoYo)

Travelers who care about Genshin Impact lore should know that the recent Version 2.7 Archon Quest revealed some information about the Yakshas. More specifically, it's from End of the Line and the subsequent quest that Travelers get to learn a little more about Xiao's former comrades.

Players already knew that Xiao was the only remaining one, yet there wasn't much knowledge about the remaining Yaksha. Now, travelers have more information on their hands, as well as some images showing off how they looked back then.

miHoYo also released a new story teaser tied to them, which players can view down below.

Genshin Impact 2.7's recent Archon Quest reveals the fate of the Yakshas


Here is a short list of Yakshas in Genshin Impact relevant to this video:

  • Xiao (also known as Alatus)
  • Bonanus (Hydro)
  • Bosacius (Electro)
  • Indarias (Pyro)
  • Menogias (Geo)

The story teaser starts off with Bosacius being forgetful and wanting to remember more about himself in The Chasm. They talk about a seal and why they're down there before Bosacius wonders about his family and suddenly becomes very weak. Travelers then see some brief scenes where all five Yakshas spend time together.

Bosacius finally remembers his name and that he must make an "ultimate sacrifice."

End of the Line


In End of the Line, Xiao talks to the Traveler and company about looking for a Yaksha named Bosacius. He talks about how the other Yaksha's dead bodies have been found, leaving Bosacius as the only one missing. The last time Xiao saw him, Bosacius was insane.

The Archon Quest eventually leads Xiao and the gang to fight an illusion of Bosacius. Travelers then discover that Bosacius led Khaenri'ah's monsters underground, defeated them, and eventually perished. Xiao says his goodbye before the crew looks for the fourth portal in the quest.

At Tunnel's End, Light


A little more Genshin Impact lore is spoken about in At Tunnel's End, Light. Xiao states that Bosacius died in battle before wondering if he should die in battle to save others. He later says, in regard to a younger Yaksha named Pervases:

"Too many yakshas have become casualties of battle. We are like a flock of birds scattered to the four corners of the world. And in the end, as Bonanus said... it's rare for a yaksha to find repose for their soul."

Pervases is also referenced in his Story Quest, although he wasn't on the same level as the other five Yakshas.

The fate of the Yakshas in Genshin Impact

Xiao is the only one left in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
Xiao is the only one left in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Of the five major Yakshas, all but Xiao are dead. Bonanus and Menogias were known to have fought, presumably killing each other. Bosacius was initially known to have vanished, although the recent Archon Quest confirmed that he too perished in battle.

Karmic Debt affected them until the end, with Xiao accepting them as heroes by the end of At Tunnel's End, Light. He did try to sacrifice himself to save the Traveler and company but is implied to have been saved by Zhongli.

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