Fans still await FAUG's team deathmatch release date announcement

FAUG team deathmatch mode speculation (Image via Sportskeeda)
FAUG team deathmatch mode speculation (Image via Sportskeeda)

Developer nCORE Games had announced the release of FAUG's team deathmatch mode for June 21st. However, gamers are yet to get hold of the coveted match type in the battle royale game.

Several BR titles have introduced the TDM mode, which is extremely popular among gamers as it packs ruthless action in a short time. The availability of unlimited spawns makes the mode more interesting as gamers are not afraid to engage in face-to-face battles.

nCORE remains silent on the absence of the TDM mode, and players are wondering when FAUG's team deathmatch mode will be released.

FAUG's team deathmatch mode release date face uncertainty

The Government of India banned PUBG Mobile back in September 2020 following security issues. The gaming community intensely felt the absence of a proper BR title.

That's when nCore decided to develop FAUG Mobile to capitalize on the absence of PUBG Mobile and gain a significant position in the gaming industry. The hype around FAUG Mobile was immense as it was solely developed in India.

Following the release, FAUG Mobile managed to get a proper audience and created a particular fan base. Its success in the BR segment compelled the developer to try something new for the game.

They decided that gamers should get hold of FAUG's team deathmatch mode. It should be noted that popular battle royale titles such as PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile have seen grand success through this mode.

On April 21st, the developers revealed that FAUG's TDM would be released on June 21st. They added that fans would be able to access the beta version of this match type.

Gamers waited patiently for nCORE to release FAUG's team deathmatch mode on June 21. However, it was reported that the TDM mode was not released, leading to lots of speculation among gamers.

Fans took to social media to express their disappointment regarding the absence of the TDM.

PUBG Mobile has made a comeback in the country following the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The return of the famous BR game has garnered a lot of attention from gamers.

It is uncertain whether the delay in releasing the TDM mode for FAUG Mobile has anything to do with the release of BGMI or not.

The developer is yet to reveal any official statement regarding the absence of the release of this mode. Gamers will have to wait patiently to get hold of any information regarding the same.

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