Far Cry 6: First game in the franchise with post-end-game features

Image via Ubisoft
Image via Ubisoft

As with the norm in the Far Cry franchise, players don't get much room after the end to clean up unfinished tasks. Far Cry 6, however, might break away from the usual structure and give players the chance to do things after the main story.

Whether or not this is a popular addition to the franchise bounces back and forth in debates with fans. Some like the idea of being able to go back into the world and finish tasks, similar to Fallout 4.


Far Cry 6's end-game experience

After the main storyline in Far Cry games, players are typically left with a giant open world without much to do. Having an abrupt ending to open-world games like the Far Cry franchise can leave players who want more unsatisfied.

Thankfully, the latest Far Cry game appears to hold something more in store for players once they finish the main quests. Lead game designer David Grivel stated in an interview with YouTuber JorRaptor that Far Cry 6 will have "something else" for players to do.

It's unclear exactly what Grivel means in this statement, but it's likely that he's hinting at something other than a simple side quest. In past games, players can go back and finish quests they've obtained before the end of the game.

Image via Ubisoft
Image via Ubisoft

Since Grivel mentioned "something else," players might see an aspect of the Far Cry franchise never released before. The lead game designer says he will unveil more information at the E3 2021 showcase.

Perhaps a new quest chain will arise after Far Cry 6's ending that stems from the results of the main story. Each of the Far Cry games tend to relate to one after the other in some fashion, so maybe something will link 6 to previous games.

While players have already received a plethora of information about what Far Cry 6 will look like, the water is still muddy around many of the features. Concepts never seen before are packed into the upcoming game, giving players a reason to be exicted.

Far Cry 6 comes out on October 7th, leaving plenty of room for further developments to unfold. It seems like this game will dethrone any other in its franchise by bringing advanced and additional features for players to experiment with.

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