Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal brings deep dive and character trailers for fans

Far Cry 6's gameplay reveal was full of juicy details regarding Ubisoft's newest entry to the Far Cry franchise (image via Ubisoft)
Far Cry 6's gameplay reveal was full of juicy details regarding Ubisoft's newest entry to the Far Cry franchise (image via Ubisoft)
Danyal Arabi

Far Cry 6's gameplay reveal had a lot riding on its shoulders following a big delay by Ubisoft and, safe to say, it did not disappoint.

Probably the freshest entry since Far Cry 3, Far Cry 6 keeps the formula the same but builds upon the franchise's strengths, as illustrated by the gameplay and character trailers that have just dropped.

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Far Cry 6 gameplay details, Macarena disc launcher, dog companion, rocket backpacks and more

In the 5-minute game trailer, Ubisoft sets the tone for the game within the first 30 seconds, with a crocodile companion chomping the head off an enemy NPC clean off. The action-packed gameplay reveal for Far Cry 6 briefs players on the revolution taking place in Yara, the tools that they will need to take down "El Presidente" Antón Castillo, and the modes of transport in the open world.

Improvised weapons seem to play a much larger role in Far Cry 6, as protagonist Dani Rojas can be seen fashioning weapons from batteries to Macarena CD's and everything in between.

Players can choose to ride horseback or use vehicles to traverse the open world of Yara and can even customize vehicles to be more lethal than the default variants.

Dive into a blockbuster experience as Dani Rojas, a local Yaran defending their country from a tyrant’s rule. Jump into the action and chaos of guerrilla combat at the heart of a revolution. Stay in the shadows and hit where it hurts the most while gathering soldiers and resources to help you in the fight against Antón Castillo’s regime. - Ubisoft

Breaking away from the silent protagonist design choice for Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, Far Cry 6's Dani Rojas is out on a mission to take down the regime after trying to run away from it. A frozen-in-time state, Yara is the player's home, and they will be tasked to liberate it any way they see fit, whether it's through stealth, infiltration, or all out war.

With the game set for release on October 7th, 2021, players can get the Macarena Disc Launcher, officially named "Discos Locos," and the dog companion, "Libertad Chorizo," as a pre-order bonus.

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