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Fatui Pyro Agent locations in Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo - Genshin Impact
Image via miHoYo - Genshin Impact
Tee Kay
Modified 17 Nov 2020, 16:42 IST

Fatui Pyro Agents, or Agents, in Genshin Impact are enemies found across the open-world map who drop items used to upgrade weapons.

Defeating these Agents results in players being rewarded with the Hunter's Sacrificial Knife. This dropped knife is further used to craft the Agent's Sacrificial Knife, an essential item to upgrade weapons in the player's arsenal.

Gamers need to note that this knife is an exclusive drop from the Fatui Pyro Agent and does not drop from any other elemental Fatui enemy.

This article looks at the sites where players can find these Agents on the Genshin Impact map.

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Where to find Agents in Genshin Impact?

There are seven locations on the map where players can find an Agent if it hasn't already been farmed by someone else on the same server. Agents are refreshed daily, along with the server reset of each region.

The location of these agents are,

  • Mingyun Village: In the cliffs towards the northeast of Mingyun Village, players can find a Fatui Pyro Agent.
  • Yaoguang Shoal: Players can find this Agent on the small island towards the north of Yaoguang Shoal.
  • Gunyun Stone Forest: This Agent can be found on the island towards the extreme west of the Gunyun Stone Forest.
  • Lingju Pass: Towards the south of Dunyu Ruins, players can find this Agent on the eastern side of Lingju Pass.
  • Dunyu Ruins: On the shoreline towards the west of the Dunyu Ruins, players can find one of the two Agents.
  • Dunyu Ruins: For players to find the second Agent in the Dunyu Ruins, they need to go along the path towards its north.
  • Luhua Pool: The final Fatui Pyro Agent in Genshin Impact can be found on the western beach of Luhua Pool.

These are the seven locations on the map of Genshin Impact where players can find one of the Fatui Pyro Agents. Killing them can net gamers a Hunter's Sacrificial Knife as a drop, thus helping them craft the Agent's Sacrificial Knife to upgrade the weapons they have in their loadout.

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Published 17 Nov 2020, 16:42 IST
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