FaZe Kay sends Coffeezilla a cease-and-desist letter and threatens to sue him over FaZe crypto scam

Is FaZe Kay part of yet another crypto scam? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Is FaZe Kay part of yet another crypto scam? (Image via Sportskeeda)

It's hardly been two weeks since FaZe Clan kicked Frazier " FaZe Kay" Khattri out because of his involvement in various cryptocurrency scandals, but a new piece of information has just come to light.

FaZe Kay has issued a legal notice and letter to YouTube investigator Coffeezilla, who initially exposed his actions.

A part of the legal letter that Kay has slapped Coffeezilla with (Image via imgur)
A part of the legal letter that Kay has slapped Coffeezilla with (Image via imgur)

FaZe removed Kay from the organization on July 2nd. Interestingly, he denied his participation in the cryptocurrency scandal on July 10th, implying that he is innocent.

Kay has taken things to another level and has issued a legal notice to Coffeezilla, who helped expose the alleged scams. This legal notice implies that the content creator will have to take down all videos that mention Kay and publicly do so.

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Coffeezilla, however, has refused to back down and belittled Kay's statements in a recent video. The legal notice states that the YouTuber must take down all videos and retract defamatory statements within 24 hours of receiving the letter.

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"I'm gonna miss the deadline, boys," he said before doubling down to reveal a piece of information that has sent the entire community into a state of frenzy.

FaZe Kay part of yet another crypto scam?

Apart from not agreeing to the terms of the legal letter, Coffeezilla revealed yet another crypto scam that FaZe Kay was allegedly a part of.

FaZe Clan members, including Kay, promoted "MoonPug," which is directly linked to Kay's public wallet.

Coffeezilla also revealed that Kay made around $100,000 within the first few hours of selling "MoonPug."

This is what the YouTuber said on the subject:

"Naive people usually don't have multiple wallets. Naive people sure as hell don't know how to make $100,000 from a presale of a s***coin. In my opinion, you're a self-serving hypocrite."

Coffeezilla also revealed that the legal letter is FaZe Kay's way of taking attention away from scams. More importantly, he announced he has more information to be shared via another video that will come out sooner rather than later.

Kay suggests he, too, was scammed

As mentioned, FaZe Kay broke silence on the matter to reveal that he, like everyone else, was scammed by a group of individuals who gained his trust.

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The former FaZe Clan member urged fans not to believe everything they hear online and requested they come forward with any evidence.

Not just that, Kay also revealed that he had hired a team to conduct a "very thorough, independent, and aggressive investigation to find out exactly what happened" with the SaveTheKids token launch.

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