FC 24 Foundations 4 SBC: How to complete, cheapest solutions, and more

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Erling Haaland in EA Sports FC Mobile (Image via EA Sports)

FC 24 is now live in the web app for those seeking early advantage in the Ultimate Team squad building. The FC 24 Squad Building Challenge (SBC) can help you start your Ultimate Team journey in the rebranded version of the popular title, EA Sports FIFA mobile. Foundations 4 SBC is the fourth challenge that you need to fulfill to build your roster. Completing the challenge can help you earn rare player packs, giving you an advantage over other players.

Foundations 4 is a tricky challenge to complete as it has four tasks depending upon the team chemistry of your squad. Understanding the stipulation of each challenge and your available player cards will help you finish the Foundations SBC.

This article will discuss the challenges presented in Foundations 4 and the cost-effective solutions that can assist you in accomplishing your tasks easily.

Completing Foundations 4 SBC in FC 24: Challenges and solutions

To unlock Foundations 4 SBC in FC 24, you have to first complete Foundations 1, Foundations 2, and Foundations 3. Each Foundation contains four interrelated challenges that can be completed by the player cards given in the starter packs.

To complete the SBC or Squad Building Challenge, players can utilize the in-game cards included in their starter packs by putting them in the squad. This method allows for a strategic approach to creating a strong team and achieving success in the game.


Hybrid Chemistry I

Requirements: Exactly 3 players from the same league or nation, containing a minimum of 2 chemistry points among them.

Solutions: Hugo Vallejo – 66 OVR/ Luis Perea – 66 OVR/ Alex Martin – 68 OVR

Hybrid Chemistry II

Requirements: Exactly 3 players belonging to the same league and the same club, containing a minimum of 2 chemistry points among them.

Solutions: Norohna – 66 OVR/ Olaya – 65 OVR/ Cabello – 66 OVR

Hybrid Chemistry III

Requirements: Exactly 2 players belonging to the same club and nation, containing a minimum of 2 chemistry points between them.

Solutions: Paterok – 62 OVR/ Border – 65 OVR

10 Chemistry

Requirements: Minimum 10 squad chemistry points

Solutions: Mazzocchi – 69 OVR/ Bellemo – 70 OVR/ Cigarini – 68 OVR/ Ricci – 67 OVR/ Franchi – 61 OVR

Foundations 4 SBC group reward: 2 Rare Gold Players Pack


Completing the third and fourth challenges of Foundations 4 SBC in FC 24 would require specific silver player cards. Therefore, it will cost around 3,000 coins to finish up the challenge efficiently.

Squad chemistry building is the key to completing the objectives. Additionally, you can use various players who meet the requirements without spending coins in FIFA 24.