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FIFA 18: Manchester United fans lose their cool as Marcus Rashford is rated less than Gabriel Jesus

Aditya Dutta
6.06K   //    13 Sep 2017, 17:52 IST

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

Rashford has been given a rating of 79

What’s the story?

Marcus Rashford and Gabriel Jesus are two of the Premier League's upcoming forwards and both players ooze talent through and through. Both of them have shown a level of maturity that is commendable for their age.

What's more is that they are playing for the Premier League's top two teams at the moment, Manchester United and Manchester City, respectively.

However, their FIFA 18 ratings release has sparked controversy. Marcus Rashford has been rated 79 and Gabriel Jesus has been rated 81. Manchester United fans believe Rashford deserves to have been given a better rating than his counterpart.

In case you didn’t know

The FIFA 18 ratings were released recently and there were quite a few players who were upset with their rating and feel that their true footballing talent isn't being justified by this year's rating. Anyhow, the matter at hand is Marcus Rashford and Gabriel Jesus.

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The heart of the matter

Comparison of Marcus Rashford and Gabriel Jesus
Comparison of Marcus Rashford and Gabriel Jesus

Both the rising stars have been upgraded to 79 and 81 respectively from 76 and 79. Here's a breakdown of the key attributes of both the players in this year's edition of FIFA. Starting with Rashford, his stats are -- Pace (90), Shooting (76), Passing (70), Dribbling (81), Defending (31) and Physicality (67).

Let's see how this compares to Gabriel Jesus, whose stats read -- Pace (88), Shooting (80), Passing (72), Dribbling (85), Defending (26) and Physicality (67). If the ratings are compared, it can be seen that Gabriel Jesus has been given higher ratings in the key attributes of a striker except for Pace.

The real controversy started when there was a clash between Manchester United and Manchester City fans all over the internet, especially on Twitter. Manchester United fans think that because Gabriel Jesus is from Brazil, he was rated higher than Marcus Rashford.

Rashford scored a remarkable 11 goals in a total of 53 appearances last season. On the other hand, Gabriel Jesus scored 7 goals in just 11 appearances between his arrival this January and the injury-plagued end to his first season of English football.

What’s next?

The next thing for the two players is the ongoing UEFA Champions League Group Stage Matchday 1. Manchester United beat FC Basel, 3-0 where Marcus Rashford did score a goal while Manchester City are to face Feyenoord.

Author’s take

I feel that the ratings are justified. Gabriel Jesus is a more rounded player. He offers a complete package compared to Marcus Rashford who does lack a little in his gameplay.

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