FIFA 20: 5 features from previous editions of FIFA that EA should bring back

Will EA bring back some of these epic features in FIFA 20?
Will EA bring back some of these epic features in FIFA 20?
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EA Sports FIFA is arguably one of the most popular games out there in the market today.

Played by over millions of people around the world, it has developed into EA's most successful venture over the years.

The first edition of FIFA was released way back in 1993 and over the years, the game has undergone severe makeovers and upgrades.

Each year also witnesses the addition of new features in the game. FIFA 19 saw the arrival of new offline game modes such as Survival, Headers and Volleys, No Rules etc, and FIFA 20 promises a whole lot more.

However, due to the addition of new game modes, many old features have been overlooked.

Here, we take a look at five features from past editions of FIFA that EA should consider bringing back for FIFA 20. While it's unlikely most of these will be brought back, EA should give it a thought just to freshen up what's becoming a stale brand.

#1 Indoor football


Indoor football was first introduced in FIFA 97 to much success. The indoor game mode allowed players to play in the 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 format, eliminating corners and other set pieces which resulted in non-stop, high octane play.

Players from a variety of teams could be chosen to make a single team of your own.

The game was also featured in FIFA 98, but never really gained traction. It was removed from FIFA 99 and has never been a part of subsequent FIFA releases.

A return in FIFA 20 is unlikely although hardcore fans of the game would love to see a variation of it, maybe in the FIFA Street mould.

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#2 Fouling the keeper


While more recent editions of FIFA do allow you to challenge the keeper during loose ball situations, fouls that occur at such times are more or less unintentional and receive a yellow card at worst.

However, back in the early 2000s, players could intentionally slide tackle the opposing keeper, often earning a red card in the process.

At times though, fouls were overlooked and goals could be scored once the goalkeeper had dropped the ball.

#3 Intentional diving

FIFA in the 1990s introduced the option to dive in an attempt to try and con the referees into awarding soft penalties and free kicks. While it was extremely successful to implement this successfully, some clever gamers did manage to pull it off.

More often than not though, it just ensured you received a booking for simulation. Moreover, it was removed in subsequent editions as EA did not want to condone diving.

However, a more realistic version of it could be introduced in FIFA 20. Imagine what success the likes of Neymar and Mohamed Salah would enjoy with such a feature in the game.

#4 Running away from the referee


Earlier editions of FIFA used to allow gamers the opportunity to run away from the referee to try and avoid a booking.

While the referee would eventually catch up and brandish the card, it was sometimes only after a good five minutes.

Occasionally though, if you could successfully avoid being caught, the game just gave up and you could get away unpunished.

#5 Intentional Foul Button


EA first implemented this concept in FIFA 2001. While fouls are a staple of FIFA today, it was so very different back then where with the tap of the R1 button, you could wrestle your opponent to the ground to stop counter attacks and commit fouls just for the sake of it. Pressing the foul button meant there was no chance of winning the ball.

However, this is another feature EA has eliminated in an attempt to rid the game of cheating and negative tactics.

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