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FIFA 20 News: EA releases new patch notes

Anuj Gupta
09 Oct 2019, 17:53 IST

Image via EA website
Image via EA website

FIFA 20 was released with its share of problems. The issues were generally in the gameplay department with things such as dribbling, passing, lobbed passes, some shooting techniques and defensive contain containing bugs. Ultimate Team also needed some attention to the general UI and interaction with it. Developers have introduced a patch with some required changes in an attempt to refine the user experience.

EA introduced Title Update 2 after a week of its official launch. The company has clearly stated that the patch notes consist of fixes and changes according to the community feedback during the early access period. This means that the patch notes do not contain any fixes for the majority of problems that were experienced after the launch of the title.

The major things EA has fixed with this patch update are varied. The goalkeeper’s save range during penalty is now extended, so goalkeepers will now react in a much wider area than before. EA has tweaked the dribbling mechanics of the game to suit players who have high-end dribbling points in-game. Now players with high numbers in dribbling will have even more control on the ball.

EA has made changes to Contain and Secondary Contain defensive techniques. Players which are controlled by these techniques will no longer sprint to retrieve the ball. The abnormal sprinting resulted in positional disadvantages and the use of unnecessary energy. The developers have made adjustments to the reaction time of these players to the ball carrier. The new reaction timing is slightly longer than before.

Among other changes, EA has tweaked Low Driven Shots, Passing, Gameplay (Volta Football). The company has also made various changes in the FIFA Ultimate Team to make the famous game mode better.

EA has promised to address other problems that they have come across through community feedback after the launch day. The team is working hard to release a new patch soon to correct issues with Career Mode. For more in-depth information about the patch click here.

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