FIFA 23 fans lose their minds after game mistakenly listed for under $0.1 (5 INR) on Epic Games Store

FIFA Ultimate edition for only ₹4.8 or $.1 on Indian Epic Games Store (Image via EPIC Games)
FIFA Ultimate edition for only ₹4.8 or $.1 on Indian Epic Games Store (Image via EPIC Games)

Fans were left in disbelief after FIFA 23, the latest installment of the FIFA franchise, was listed with a price tag of $0.1 on the Epic Games Store. The error presented the game's Ultimate Edition for less than 5 INR, shocking gamers all over the country.

With speculation rising about this being the final collaboration between EA and the International Federation of Association Football, it presented a golden opportunity for fans to nab the game for almost nothing.

FIFA is one of the biggest AAA franchises of all time, boasting millions of fans across all major platforms.

Twitter abuzz as Epic Games Store error lists FIFA 23 Ultimate edition at less than five rupees

Electronic Arts' premier football simulation game series has an overwhelming number of fans who regularly purchase it on their preferred platform. The last game was released on 27 September, 2022 to those who had pre-ordered. The game sold more than nine million copies by the end of the year, according to EA.

However, FIFA 22 also received sizeable backlash from certain sections of the gaming community for its lootbox system, with many calling it gambling. With that being said, it mostly got favorable reviews throughout the playerbase.

The game improved upon its predecessor's graphical quality and gameplay mechanics, with FIFA 23 expected to offer further enhancements such as improved physics, new HyperMotion 2 dribbling, machine learning jockey sticks, and a more immersive player exhaustion system.

Suffice to say, fans could not believe that this year's title was being handed out for the price of β‚Ή4.8, which, at the current exchange rate, is roughly $0.06 US. Users who noticed this promptly jumped on Twitter to talk about the experience. Anti-EA sentiments among some fans also boiled over as they happily availed the game for almost free.

lmfao epic games messed up the regional pricing and I just pre-ordered Fifa 23 for $0.05. #FIFA23
Get FIFA 23 in error price on EpicGames which is 4.80 Rs #FIFA23 #epicgames #FIFA #EASportsFC
Yooo!! Thanks @EpicGames ! ❀️Bought fifa 23 ultimate edition for less than a dollar!! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ #FIFA23
Fifa 23 available for 4 rupee on epic games and ita working get it soon πŸ˜€βœŒπŸΌ…

Users from outside India can allegedly use the glitch as well. Some users on Twitter posted about changing their account details, such as making India as the store location.

How to get FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition for 0.05$1. Login to Epic games2. Change store to India3. Search for Fifa 234. Purchase the game for Rs.4.80 (0.05$) You are welcome #epicgames #fuckea #FIFA23
FIFA 23 ULTIMATE EDITION FOR Rs. 4.80 at Epic Games#FIFA23 #epicgames
@Criminal__x Brother. Fifa 23 ultimate edition is like 6 cents on the Indian epic games store. Must be some glitch or shit. But everybody is buying it.
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition for just β‚Ή4.80 on Epic Games StoreHui Hui Hui 😁
@EpicGames Let us keep the Fifa 23 deluxe edition copies. Show us how much kind you really are.

The game will officially be released this September, and Epic Games is yet to announce anything regarding the malfunction on their website. As of this writing, the game is still available for a paltry β‚Ή4.5.

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