Is FIFA 22 worth revisiting in July 2022?

FIFA 22 has been out for a long time and has received several upgrades (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 22 has been out for a long time and has received several upgrades (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 has been out for a long time, implementing significant innovations in terms of available technology. For the first time, substantial changes were made to the existing system with the incorporation of the HyperMotion technology on the next-gen consoles.

But that's not all, as more than 4000 animations were modified along with greater customization in the career mode.


With that being said, FIFA games typically have an annual cycle with their release around October of every year. Unfortunately, it's already July, with several events having reached their conclusion.

So a major question arises: Is it worth playing the game in July 2022? Overall, improvements have been made, but the determining factor will be what potential players can currently get from the game.

FIFA 22 offers a lot at a great price

FIFA 22 has largely retained its original price, but it's available for a bargain in many places. It's available on EA Play and is part of the Xbox Game Pass. This is where the game becomes lucrative for prospective players.

As for the returning ones, the answer will depend on certain factors. While eFootball has been fully released, it's hardly the promised product. Konami may have polished its gameplay, but several issues still persist. As such, FIFA 22 is still the best exponent of the genre.


While players might have missed many events in the Ultimate Team mode, the prices of several cards have reduced significantly. As a result, they will be able to make a decent squad at bargain prices. While such outfits may still struggle, it's still a rewarding and competitive experience.

As for the manager mode, players won't be missing anything. They can start with a brand new save and get going right away. Players will also enjoy all the latest squad updates with the previous winter transfer window. Career mode also allows them to avoid the animosity that can sometimes be associated with online modes.

Is it worth playing FIFA 22 in July?

The answer will ultimately depend on the player's choice and the experience they seek. If they're looking for an online-only affair, the Ultimate Team could be disappointing.


While fresh events are ongoing at the moment, the amount of content missed could be a major issue for many. So while there are bargains to be had, most of those who have kept playing since October will be at a specific advantage.

Alternatively, players can play casually without focusing too much on the competitive aspect. There are different ways to earn rewards, and while they might not all be lucrative, players can still get some great cards.


If someone's interested in the career mode, there's nothing to lose as players can play at their own pace. As a bonus, anyone can try the Volta, which is FIFA 22's take on street football.

It's not a finished product by any means but offers something entirely different. While there can certainly be improvements, one can feel the nostalgia of the older FIFA street games that were quite prominent in the past.

In conclusion, had there been a better football game on the market, FIFA 22's worth might have been far less. However, the lack of competition and specific improvements make the game worth playing in July despite it nearing the end of its annual cycle.

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