5 best EA Play games players should definitely try

Best games to play on EA Play (Image via EA)
Best games to play on EA Play (Image via EA)

EA Play is a subscription-based video game service run by Electronic Arts where players can get access to almost every EA title. EA Play offers a rich selection of their legacy titles and all the latest EA titles into a single service.

EA Play offers a wide range of gaming titles that appeal to all the players with different tastes. Be it sports simulation games or exceptional racing titles. Players can get them all by paying a single subscription fee and opting for EA membership.

Best games to play on EA Play

With access to such a vast library of games, players might find it challenging to choose the games worth the time. Here are some of the best games in the EA Play library that subscribers should try out:

1) Burnout Paradise


Burnout Paradise is one of the most successful racing games offered by EA. Based on the open-world map of “Paradise City,” players have to complete different races and quests to unlock additional rewards ranging from upgrading driver’s license to getting access to brand new vehicles.

With an excellent Metacritic score of 88, the game has claimed several awards for its detailed open-world gameplay and perfect sense of speed. Burnout Paradise offers stunning game physics and jaw-dropping car crash scenes, making it an absolute joy to play. EA Play subscribers who are racing fans can try out Burnout Paradise.

2) UFC 4


UFC 4 is the fourth installment of EA’s flagship mixed martial arts fighting video game series, UFC. UFC 4 features a much-improved career mode that provides an engaging experience with all the basics of MMA covered in great detail. Based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), it boasts 229 individual athletes that players can choose from and can fight in official UFC stadiums.

The game introduced a new Blitz mode that changes the game rules every few hours, and gamers can use it in the online mode. A revamped striking system improves gameplay significantly and offers a more immersive experience during fights.

3) Madden NFL 22


Madden NFL 22 is an American football simulation video game released by EA in 2021. Based on the National Football League (NFL), the game features every professional American player in the sport and all the official stadiums. EA has incorporated a lot of improvements in Madden NFL 22 in terms of gameplay.

The game introduces halftime adjustments that can have a notable impact on their strategy and change the dynamics of the match. A new momentum meter shows the home team's morale, which increases after executing big plays or scoring goals. A more interactive career mode allows gamers to hire or dismiss defensive and offensive coaches from their team.

4) Mass Effect Andromeda


Bioware released Mass Effect Andromeda as the fourth installment of the Andromeda series. Players will find themselves in the leadership role of Pathfinder and will be responsible for commanding a ship known as the Tempest.

The game takes players into the 29th century, where they must take on the role of an inexperienced military recruit, who joins the Andromeda initiative to find new worlds for the human race. Despite being wholly based on a new galaxy, the game inherits some significant elements and plot ideas from the iconic trilogy series.

5) DiRT 5


DiRT 5 is one of the latest additions to the EA Play library. Codemaster’s DiRT series is a track-based off-road simulator that offers loads of fun and intense off-roading races. Developers have lowered down the core simulation elements in DiRT 5 and made the game much easier-going than its predecessors.

Players will be able to test their highly modified cars on various off-road routes based on different kinds of terrain. Racing fans would love the fast-paced gameplay of DiRT 5.

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