FIFA 23 “Secure Boot” error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Fixing the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23 (Image via FIFA 23)
Fixing the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23 (Image via FIFA 23)

While FIFA 23 has had a fairly successful launch, the latest franchise entry seems to be suffering from several bugs and performance issues. While most of the errors seem to have been rooted out with subsequent hotfixes and patch updates, there are a few that are persistent even today. One such issue that many in the community have been facing is the “Secure Boot” error, which is primarily caused due to an issue with the anti-cheat software that was introduced to FIFA 23.

It is one of the more annoying bugs currently present in the game, and EA has yet to provide players with a permanent fix for it. However, not all hope is lost, as those who are facing the “Secure Boot” error in the title can try out a few workarounds to potentially fix it. Therefore, today's guide will go over the steps that players can take to fix the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23.

How to fix the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23


To be able to fix the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23, there are a few things that players can do.

1) Uninstalling and reinstalling the game’s anti-cheat

As mentioned previously, the “Secure Boot” error in FIFA 23 is primarily caused due to an issue with the game's anti-cheat itself, as such, the best way to weed out the error is to directly uninstall and then reinstall the anti-cheat software.

To be able to do so, players will first be required to make their way to the EAAntiCheat.Installer 23 installers in the EA folder in Program Files. This will automatically lead them to the EA anti-cheat support option, where they will be able to select the game's anti-cheat and then uninstall it. Once this is done, players should then reinstall the anti-cheat through the game's official website.

2) Running FIFA 23 as an administrator

Another viable fix for the “Secure Boost” error in the title is to run the game's launcher, either Steam or Origin, as an administrator. Oftentimes, this will temporarily solve the issue that players have been facing, and many in the community have mentioned that this method has worked for them.

Players will need to right-click on the launcher of either of these clients and run the application as an administrator.


3) Quitting all background applications

Background applications will often tend to mess with the proper functioning of the game, often leading to the “Secure Boot” error. Especially in older systems that may have a rough time handling multiple applications, players are advised to close all background tabs and apps if they are facing this problem often in the latest franchise entry.

4) Reinstalling the game

Despite being one of the more drastic steps, it still is highly recommended for those for whom the above steps yielded no results. At times, the “Secure Boot” issue can be caused by certain game files found to be corrupt in the system, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game is the most effective way of dealing with this problem.

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