Is FIFA 23 down? How to check if the servers are down today

The servers can be down for emergency maintenances and more (Image via EA Sports)
The FIFA 23 servers can be down for emergency maintenance and more (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 will be undergoing routine maintenance on October 10, and EA Sports has already made an official announcement reagrding the same. The routine maintenance will allow the developers to improve the servers and ensure that the overall experience becomes smoother.

That being said, servers can also run into unannounced problems as far as the service is concerned. Since its release, there have been major disruptions in the gameplay experience. This has resulted in players missing out on their progression when the servers for the game have previously gone down without prior announcements. Thankfully, there are ways for players to find out when the game is down.

FIFA 23 has got off to a rocking start as EA Sports aims to provide a memorable experience in the last major release for the franchise under the current name. Next year, the franchise will change its branding after the expiry of its existing license.

There are several ways to check if the FIFA 23 servers are down

As mentioned above, the servers could go down intentionally or unintentionally. Starting at 7:30 am UTC, all online services will be down for an hour and a half as EA Sports will be updating its servers. This is routine maintenance, and players don't need to worry too much.

We have a scheduled maintenance on October 10, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM UTC. During this time, you may be disconnected or unable to access online services.Match creation will be disabled 30 min prior to the maintenance.Titles impacted: FIFA 23 on all platforms.

However, there have been instances in the past where the servers have gone down without prior intimation. This occurred during the early access period of FIFA 23 and annoyed a lot of players. Hence, it's important to know when the servers are down, and there's more than one way to check.

The best option is to follow the official Twitter handles of FIFA Direct Communication. EA uses the handle to deliver important information and ensure that there's no miscommunication with their playerbase. If the game goes down for maintenance, they will update players through this Twitter handle.

Another option is to use the website Down Detector. This is a community-run resource site that tracks the server status of different websites and video games. If FIFA 23 is down, this will be one of the best places for players to check.


The third and most inconvenient way to find out will be directly from the game. When the servers are down, all features of the Ultimate Team mode and others will be unavailable. It isn't the ideal way to check, since this could also occur due to problems with the player's network.

Even if the servers are dead, some parts of FIFA 23 will still be accessible. All the offline game modes can be played as they don't rely on online features. Some interesting changes have been made to the career mode in their year's iteration, and players can take their favorite clubs to newfound glory.

Additionally, exhibition modes will also be available. Barring online friendlies, players can access all the teams, including custom tournaments.

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