FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Future Stars Challenge 1 SBC: How to complete, estimated cost, and more

FIFA 23 Future Stars Challenge 1 Explained (Image via EA Sports FIFA)
FIFA 23 Future Stars Challenge 1 explained (Image via EA Sports FIFA)

With the Team of the Year promo coming to an end, a new series of cards have been dropped in FIFA 23, and players can try to get their hands on one of them by completing the Future Stars Challenge 1 Squad Building Challenge in Ultimate Team.

While the TOTY promo was dedicated to the best performers from last year, the Future Stars one features boosted items for some athletes who have already made a splash in football and are expected to dominate their respective leagues in the years to come.

The future is taking over The World’s Game.Find out more on the newest class of Future Stars: #FUT

The new FIFA 23 SBC features some pretty lucrative cards such as Alvarez, Gavi, and Mudryk with significant boosts. Here's a quick guide to completing the Future Stars Challenge 1 Squad Building Challenge for players looking to get their hands on a Swaps Token as well as some other rewards.

Future Stars Challenge 1 SBC in FIFA 23 will yield a Swaps Token for those who complete it within a week

With the new promo active in the game, opening packs over the next few weeks will give players a chance to pack a youngster from its roster without needing to complete dedicated SBCs. That said, the Challenge 1 Squad Building Challenge kicks off the fresh Future Stars series by giving players a Swap Token featuring Khaleej FC's Al-Sahli, along with a Small Gold Pack.

Here are all the requirements players need to meet to complete the SBC.

  • Number of players in the squad: 11
  • Number of players from the same nation: Maximum of 4
  • Number of players from the same league: Minimum of 5
  • Number of players from the same club: Maximum of 4
  • Rare cards in the squad: Minimum of 5
  • Team rating: Minimum of 65
  • Total chemistry points: Minimum of 16

Rewards: x1 Future Stars Swaps Token Al Sahli (Untradeable) + x1 Small Gold Players Pack

Estimated Cost: 2,500 - 3,500 FUT Coins across all platforms

SBC Analysis


The long-ish list of requirements required to complete the challenge might look daunting for the more casual FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players. However, building a squad while abiding by all the restrictions should not be an expensive ordeal. Completing the SBC will cost a relatively cheap 3K Coins, approximately, as of the time of writing.

The conditions — with respect to the number of players in club, nation, and league associations — coupled with a chemistry requirement, may look complicated, but this Squad Building Challenge's low team rating will keep its completion cost down by a big margin.

A glimpse of the ones to come.Future Stars Team 1 is available now in #FUT.

Notably, the fact that the challenge requires five cards from the same league already boosts the chemistry points a lot, helping players reach the minimum threshold of 16 without much hassle. As for the rare cards, using low-cost bronze and a couple of silvers to meet that conditions will help mitigate the price further. Sticking to younger players from nations such as Spain or Portugal to use as fodder is also a great idea.

The rewards for completing the Future Stars Challenge 1 SBC are two-fold. Those who exchange the 11-man squad within a week will receive a Small Gold Player pack containing six Gold cards, with one being a rare item. On top of that, FIFA 23 gamers will also get their hands on a Future Stars Swaps Token.

Here's a full list of all the rewards available in FIFA 23 Ultimate in Future Stars Swaps and how to obtain more bonuses during its course.

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