Final Fantasy 16 update version 1.33: Color coding added to controller layout, bug fixes, and more

Final Fantasy 16 update 1.33 is now live on PS5 (Image via Square Enix)
Final Fantasy 16 update 1.33 is now live on PS5 (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16's latest update is now live on PlayStation 5, addressing certain gameplay-related issues introduced with the previous title update, and also the release of The Rising Tide DLC. While the patch is small, compared to the other recent title updates for the game, it does come with a few notable quality-of-life changes, and also a host of bug fixes.

The biggest new feature that's been added to the game with the latest update is the ability to color-code control layouts using the custom controller settings option, which helps improve the visibility of different buttons during gameplay. Apart from the controller options, the update comes with various fixes for side content in The Rising Tide expansion.

Here's a look at the official patch notes for Final Fantasy 16's latest title update, version 1.33.

Final Fantasy 16 update 1.33 official patch notes

The update 1.33 is mostly geared towards fixing issues in Final Fantasy 16's base game, but it also addresses some issues with the recently released The Rising Tide DLC. There are also localization and grammatical fixes for some of the information displayed within "Vivian's State of the Realm" reports, which are accessible via Cid's Hideaway.

Additionally, the latest update also addresses some hitbox-related issues that were mostly present in The Rising Tide's side quests and certain boss fights. That being said, here are the official patch notes for Final Fantasy 16 version 1.33:


  • Color coding added to custom controller layout button assignments to improve visibility.


  • Incorrect enemy hitboxes for certain battle content.
  • Enemies in certain battles not behaving properly under certain conditions.
  • Precision Sic not behaving properly when used in conjunction with certain abilities.
  • Minor, non-lore impacting inconsistencies within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Incorrect information within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Ability execution on all controller layout types being limited to buttons assigned to Ready Eikonic Abilities (Hold) + Attack / Magic.
  • Certain commands not functioning properly when using a custom controller layout.
  • Minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

The update comes with a file size of less than 500 MB, and as such, should not take too long to download and install on your PlayStation 5. Do note that after installing the latest update, the game will need to rebuild the shaders, which will result in the Square Enix and Creative Business Unit 3 logos appearing before the game's main menu.

However, booting up the game again following the update will result in it going directly to the main menu, skipping the publisher logos.

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