Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster release date for all devices

The series is getting a pixel remaster (Image via Square Enix)
The series is getting a pixel remaster (Image via Square Enix)

Fans of the Final Fantasy series are eagerly awaiting the release of the Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster, the final title of the series. In a post made on Steam on December 21 last year, Square Enix discussed the release date of the game, pre-purchase bonus items, and when they would drop.


The developers have been bringing the original Final Fantasy games to life "with completely new graphics and audio in 2D pixel remaster series". Beginning from July 2021, these titles have been released one after the other for countless players to jump into. They are available across multiple platforms like Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

When is Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster releasing

According to Square Enix, the game will be released in February 2022 on PC, iOS, and Android. The developers have explained that this will give them "the necessary time to apply final polishes while finishing development on the game" to bring gamers "the best experience possible".

An update on the Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster.For more information, including details on the additional pre-purchase items, please read:

Pre-purchasing the game will net users numerous goodies:


  • ・Locke's Theme (Timelapse Remix)
  • ・The Decisive Battle (Timelapse Remix)
  • ・Terra's Theme (Timelapse Remix)
  • ・Searching for Friends (Timelapse Remix)
  • ・Aria di Mezzo Carattere (Instrumental)


  • ・FF6: 2 types of wallpapers
  • ・FF1-6: 2 types of pixel remastered series wallpapers

The post states that "Timelapse Remix" is:

"A special soundtrack data that starts off with the original soundtrack version, but lets you also enjoy the reworked alternative soundtrack version as the soundtrack gradually transitions to the reworked alternative soundtrack version."

The additional time taken by the developers to properly craft the game is a good thing because that means players will get a much more polished product to experience. The FFVI pixel remaster will be joining the other five that have already been released.

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