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Fixing a "error reading pak file" message in Apex Legends

No need to nuke the game from the start
No need to nuke the game from the start
Rob Kalajian
Modified 19 Feb 2021

Apex Legends, like many modern games, is not without the occasional bugs and hiccups. Sometimes these errors are not the fault of Respawn's development team, but the game's digital distribution platform or players' internet connections or device. The latter is generally the case in Apex Legends when a player gets an "error reading pak file" message.

What causes a "error reading pak file" message in Apex Legends?

Corrupted Apex Legends game files cause pak file errors. Corruption can occur due to issues when downloading the game or various local file system and storage drive errors. They can also become corrupted due to malicious code.

How to fix an Apex Legends "error reading pak file" message

There are several things to try getting an "error reading pak file" in Apex Legends. Some of these may not pertain to console ports, so follow the methods outlined pertaining to the relevant Apex Legends installation.

Deleting the corrupt file:

Error reading pak file dialog
Error reading pak file dialog
  1. Follow the filepath provided in the error message to find the specific corrupt file.
  2. Close Apex Legends
  3. Delete or rename the file and relaunch Apex Legends.

This method surgically removes the corrupted file and causes Apex Legends to replace it with a new copy upon relaunch. In most cases, this fixes the problem with no further steps needed.


Repairing Apex Legends:

  1. Open Steam or Origin.
  2. Find Apex Legends.
  3. Depending on which platform players have Apex Legends installed through:
  4. Steam: Right-click on Apex Legends and find and click Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files
  5. Origins: find the gear next to the orange play button and select the Repair option.

Choosing this option will check the entire Apex Legends install and fix any missing or corrupted files.

Remove and reinstall Apex Legends:

If neither of the two above options works, or if a player is playing on a console, uninstalling Apex Legends and reinstalling it is the best, or only, option. This method will ensure that the game is completely installed from scratch.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 21:41 IST
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