Football Manager 2023 on PlayStation - Release dates, console edition, and more

This year
This year's release will also be available on the PlayStation consoles. (images via Sports Interactive, PlayStation)

SEGA and Sports Interactive have consistently worked to make Football Manager 2023 available to more players worldwide. Accessibility remains a vital part of the series' success as more players enjoy the game.

Over the last few years, Sports Interactive has been releasing different versions of the game suited to various platforms. While the PC version is the main one, other editions are made keeping the challenges of the platforms in mind. The game will be available on major platforms, from mobile phones to consoles.

Sony's PlayStation has become the latest device where the football management simulator will make its debut this year.

Football Manager 2023 is this year's extension of the iconic series and is already available on early access. This is also the beta period when players provide feedback to the developers about different aspects of the game. The beta period might not be available on PlayStation, but the developers have shared some official information that interested buyers would like to know.

Football Manager 2023 finally appears on PlayStation and will be released on the same day as other platforms

When the first trailer for Football Manager 2023 was released, an important piece of information was about the available platforms. While all the old favorites remained, a surprise was in store for PlayStation users. This year's release will be available on the current-gen consoles of Sony's gaming brand.


Unfortunately, for PlayStation users, there's no beta access, which is available only to PC players. However, the release on PlayStation will be on the same day as the remaining platforms, and players will be able to access the game from November 8.

PlayStation users will be able to enjoy the console edition of the game. Previously, Sports Interactive released this version on Xbox consoles, with some major differences. The overall experience is much more streamlined, and it's quite limited in some senses. Many of the features that can be accessed on the PC version won't be available on the consoles.

This doesn't mean that players can't enjoy the console edition. For many PlayStation users, this will be the first experience of a Football Manager game. The Football Manager 2023 console edition is made in such a way that it reduces the requirements of hardware like a mouse. Running the PC edition on consoles can be problematic, so Sports Interactive makes separate editions.


The console edition will have many similarities to the game's mobile version. Players can enjoy this year's game on handheld devices thanks to this. Albeit having limitations, it will offer an authentic experience to players.

The touch version also returns this year after a gap of two years. Typically, the touch version tends to be a mixture of the mobile and PC versions and retains features from both. The Football Manager 2023 touch edition will be available on selected tablets and added to the Apple Arcade.

Expectations of PlayStation users will be high, and the reception of the early access version on PC is quite positive. It remains to be seen if the console edition will replicate its early success when it releases in November.

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