5 best Nintendo Switch games on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is starting to pick up steam (Image via Sportskeeda)
Apple Arcade is starting to pick up steam (Image via Sportskeeda)

When Apple Arcade launched in 2019, alongside iOS 13, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the subscription service. What apple promised was the delivery of an impressive library of games for just $4.99 a month and even cheaper in countries like India. Arcade might have started slow, but it has now taken over the casual mobile gaming world by storm.

Apple has consistently launched a plethora of AA titles for the service. Over time, a few console titles have landed on the service as well. With iPhones getting more powerful with every iteration, game performance has started to surpass the likes of consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

That being said, there’s no reason for developers to not launch their games on Apple’s platform as this ensures that their game gets more reach.

A few Nintendo Switch titles have made their way to the service as well. In fact, some of them run better on iOS devices than they do on the Switch. So, don’t fret if you don’t have a Switch. An Arcade subscription on your iOS device is all you need to have a good time in 2022.

A look at 5 best Nintendo Switch games like Cat Quest 2 that are also available on Apple Arcade

1) Cat Quest 2

Fun game in Apple Arcade Cat quest 2

For fans of RPGs, Cat Quest 2 is a charming title to play on their iOS devices. Even if you haven’t played the first part, you can start right away because the storyline is different.

You will play as a hero cat and a hero dog. The storyline revolves around preventing a war at hand between the feline and canine kingdoms. The game’s writing is witty, so the players will have a really good time enjoying the nonchalant story.

Gameplay is strictly what an action RPG should be, with range and melee attacks at your disposal to explore the deepest and darkest dungeons the game has to offer. As a whole, everything comes together to provide players with a charming experience to remember. A must-play title in Apple Arcade.

2) Oceanhorn 2

I know Apple Arcade is no longer popping on these streets like that anymore, but here’s some gameplay footage of Oceanhorn 2 I forgot to post. Played using my PS4 controller. This game is why I think if Apple wander into gaming, it’s over for everyone.

Being the Zelda clone that it is, Oceanhorn 2 scratches the very itch that Zelda introduced to the masses. It has breathtaking visuals, a decent storyline and clever RPG elements that make it a must-play on Apple Arcade.

It does feature Zelda like dungeons and puzzles, but as a whole, it appears as a complete experience that almost levels the playing field with major hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s available to download as a part of the Apple Arcade subscription.

Also, fun fact: Oceanhorn 2 delivers better FPS performance on the latest iPhones when compared to the Switch.

3) Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways is insanely fun on Apple Arcade.

If there’s an award for a game that's going to be both ultra relaxing and painstakingly difficult, it has to go to Mini Motorways. The game revolves around being a proverbial overlord of your city. Random color-coded homes and workplaces keep popping up and it’s your task to help build motorways for residents and their cars, allowing them to reach their workplaces on time.

The game provides you with new resources like road blocks, traffic lights and roundabouts to systematically develop a network of roads at the end of every week. If you are not careful about construction, the load on roads can build up, increasing the workplace waiting meter to fill up and hence, game over.

Every game starts slow but gradually new colored houses and buildings pop up, making the game a lot more technical. It takes no time at all for it to go from relaxing to taxing. Nonetheless, it’s a fun time killer on Apple Arcade.

4) Game Dev Story

Apple Arcade version of "Game Dev Story +" has been #gamedevstory #kairosoft

The game is a simulation revolving around managing a small indie studio that is aiming to push out a AAA title in the future. As it’s a simulation, the player isn’t tasked with a lot. You just have to play along and acknowledge the actions and make mostly linear decisions.

It is made using a cutesy pixel art style to scratch your retro itch and at the same time, provide you with a relaxing experience on Apple Arcade. Gameplay might not be very rewarding, but seeing your decisions and button-pressing bring about a new in-game game is a really fun time.

5) Unleash the light

Let's get to work, Gems! ✨💪💎 Unleash the Light and help the Crystal Gems defend the universe against new Light Prisms!Download and play Steven Universe: Unleash the Light NOW on @AppleArcade 👉 #CartoonNetwork #UnleashtheLight #ad

Set in the Steven Universe, the RPG promises to deliver a fantastic turn-based gameplay, coupled with the lore and story elements from the Steven Universe. In-game exploration might be limited due to a mostly linear level design, but there are puzzles and a few collectibles that you can collect.

For fans of the show, this is a must-play Apple Arcade game that is also available on most major platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The art style is really to die for as it follows the show. Accompanying that is a beautifully made soundtrack that amps up the atmospheric elements to the next level. This is, hands down, the best Steven Universe RPG yet.

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