Former League of Legends LEC caster Froskurinn questions diversity in esports, gets mixed reactions

Esports has recently been under the scanner for its lack of diversity (Image via Riot Games)
Esports has recently been under the scanner for its lack of diversity (Image via Riot Games)

Barely a week since Indiana “Froskurinn” Black stepped down from the LEC broadcast team, the former League of Legends caster has highlighted the lack of racial diversity in esports.

In a recent tweet, Froskurinn stated:

She further mentioned that racism does exist in LEC, and she is sure about it. According to Froskurinn, a major existing issue is that most people are denied entry in the League of Legends arena for their skin color and not on merit.

Screengrab from Twitter
Screengrab from Twitter

Even though Froskurinn might be correct that there isn’t much racial diversity in LEC, the league sees a vast cultural diversity. There are casters from numerous nationalities in the League of Legends European Championship.

Trevor “Quickshot” Henry from South Africa, Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere from Belgium, and Laure “Bulii” Valee from France are a few examples.

Mixed views from League of Legends fans

Esports regulars, though, have expressed mixed views on Froskurinn's statement. The majority thinks that she has unnecessarily pulled in racial factors when the actual cause of her seeing “a lot of white” in the league arena might be completely different.

For this section of fans, it is not correct of the former analyst, and rather disrespectful, to generalize a broad ethnic diversity with racism. A League of Legends fan and Redditor, u/CozyXan, wrote:

“I really disagree with this take. First of all, why does she have to bring politics and race into it? A greek to a german is so different. Grouping us all “whites” together is so wrong and disrespectful. The simple fact is, there’s very little POC in Europe, at least where I live. Minorities are mostly Albanians (again, as she would say, more WHITE people), but just because they’re white doesn’t mean they will be getting better treatment than Chinese or black people or that they are the same. Our ethnicities and backgrounds are diverse enough, so we shouldn’t all be grouped up.

There were multiple reactions challenging Froskurinn’s statement, all across the tweep community:

Another group of fans feel Froskurinn is not wrong. They believe that somehow, the black race is deprived of its fair share of opportunities.

An Esports and League of Legends fan, @FortitudeHD, tweeted:

Many supported her views.

Froskurinn, though, was certain about her claims:

Indeed, there aren’t many popular black esports personalities within the League of Legends scene. Outside of the league, the scenario is similar. Former Overwatch League host Malik Forte has unfortunately been the lone representative of this group to date.

Froskurinn’s statements may just open another pandora’s box in the community.

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