LS rules himself out of the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2020 as COVID cases increase

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
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Not even 24 hours had passed after Fredit BRION ruled themselves out of the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2020 due to an increase in coronavirus cases. T1's streamer and LCK caster Nick "LS" De Cesare decided to opt-out of the event for safety reasons.

In a recent tweet, the veteran caster stated why he wouldn't be a part of this year's League of Legends KeSPA Cup. KeSPA's Christmas morning could not have got off to a worst start, as a member of Fredit BRION's second team tested positive for coronavirus. As soon as the news broke out, T1 decided to pull themselves out of the event as well.

LS further mentioned that since the COVID cases of South Korea are at increasing, his team did not want to take any risk concerning the health of the staff members.

Even though the event matches of the KeSPA Cup are being organized virtually this year; the casters, streamers, and team members need to be present on site. Thus, the chances of the virus spreading remain.

Image via LS YouTube Channel
Image via LS YouTube Channel

Thus, LS and his team T1 will be halting their journey for the time being. He has also apologized to the fans, who were expecting him to appear for the event.

Nick "LS" De Cesare and his League of Legends connection

LS is currently a professional streamer for T1. Since November, he has been working with the team and is also a caster for LCK's English broadcast. Previously known as LastShadow, Nick De Cesare got into competitive gaming at the age of 18.

LS started his career as a full-time gamer by playing games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Super Smash Bros. Later, he was introduced to League of Legends by his friend Gu "imp" Seung-bin, who was then a bot laner of JD Gaming.

Though LS has never been into League of Legends competitively, he offers professional coaching services to players and teams.


Recently in November 2020, he had joined T1 as a consultant and streamer. He is also an official caster for the LCK broadcast. LS has always been well-received in the League of Legends community.

Fans have expressed their disappointment all over social media because of his unfortunate exit from the KeSPA Cup.

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