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Former TSM Fortnite Pro Khanada banned on YouTube after going live

Image Via Team Solo Mid
Image Via Team Solo Mid
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 02:23 IST

Khanada, a former TSM member and a Fortnite Pro, was banned on YouTube just minutes after going live on the platform.

Khanada had just gone live on YouTube to stream on the platform until he was cut short and banned entirely. There is still no exact reason why, but Khanada has tweeted out to get some help from YouTube with his account.

He tweeted at Ryan "Fwiz" Wyatt, specifically, the head of YouTube gaming, and plenty of Khanada's followers have done the same.

Not long before Khanada went live for his stream, he also made a major announcement. He has officially joined a new esports org under Built By Gamers.

The Phoenix, AZ-based org is looking to build the best Fortnite team possible and picked up Khanada with a new signing. The YouTube stream was likely to follow up that major announcement with some Fortnite and hype building.

Possible reasons for the YouTube ban of Fortnite Pro Khanada


While there are no concrete reasons for Khanada's ban just yet, there may be one incident that points to why. Khanada was banned from Twitch in September due to actions during a Fortnite Wager match he was in.

Khanada is known for trash talking in his matches, and he was no different in the Fortnite Wager match. However, in the eyes of Twitch, he may have gone too far, and they issued a ban.

The reason for the ban was cited as "violent threats mid-stream." Khanada did try to appeal the ban from Twitch as he continued to compete in Fortnite events. Unfortunately for him, the platform upheld the ban due to the supposed level of abuse on Khanada's account.

It wasn't long after that when Khanada and TSM decided to go separate ways. Khanada claimed he would explore his options on different platforms, and his permanent Twitch ban likely affected his standing with TSM.


Eventually, Khanada found a new org to sign with and decided it was time to explore those platform options with YouTube. Of course, he was banned fast, and it may be due to his previous standing with Twitch and his split with TSM.

Again, that's not confirmed, but it would lend some credence to why the prominent Fortnite Pro was banned so fast for no obvious reasons.

Khanada is a successful player with multiple titles so far in his career. He'll likely continue to be successful as a Pro, but his time streaming remains to be seen.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 02:23 IST
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