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Permanently banned YouTuber "LeafyIsHere" is back, claims he's gone through a "dark time" since the ban

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Image via Pinterest
Rishabh B.
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 23:01 IST

YouTuber CalvinLeafyIsHere” Lee Vail is back on YouTube with a new username. Leafy's YouTube account had been suspended in August 2020.

Leafy was banned from YouTube for repeated violations of its harassment policies. He was accused of cyberbullying and harassing other content creators. One of his viewers was also caught using a racial slur during a stream.

Now, months after getting banned, Leafy has returned to YouTube with a new username “Weafy.” RedBloom.LLC has hired him to make content for their YouTube channel.

YouTuber Leafy returns to the platform months after getting suspended

According to the official website of RedBloom.LLC, the new account "Weafy" has no prior connection with the original YouTube account, despite the username being REDBLOOM/LEAFY.

Since returning to the platform, the YouTuber has posted two new videos.

Image via Redbloom
Image via Redbloom

The first one dealt with the announcement of his return. In the second video, the YouTuber explained how the past few months had been a dark phase for him.


The video was filmed in the sarcastic tone that Leafy has gained popularity for. He narrated how he was refused a job at McDonald's cause of his inexperience at flipping burgers.

YouTuber Keemstar was clearly happy to see his fellow YouTuber back. He took the time to tweet about his return.

After Leafy’s ban, part of the internet had blamed Pokimane and her “simp” fans for mass reporting his content. Leafy had posted a series of videos on Pokimane, and one of the videos criticized her brand of content. This led to his permanent suspension from YouTube.


Leafy said that he doesn’t want to comment on the nature of the ban in the first video.

Many of Leafy's fans had condemned the move by YouTube. Leafy didn't receive the three warnings that the platform usually sends to content creators before permanently banning their account.

Over the past few months, he's tried his hand at other video sharing platforms. He want have to anymore because he appears to have returned to YouTube for good. Currently, the new account “Weafy” has got 133k subscribers on YouTube.

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Published 28 Dec 2020, 17:41 IST
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