YouTube confirms that LeafyIshere's ban is permanent following the Pokimane drama

Image Credits: polygon
Image Credits: polygon
Rishabh B.

TheQuartering, whose real name is Jeremy Habley, is an American YouTuber with around 851k subscribers on the platform. The Youtuber generally posts videos about Comic books and the general gaming industry. Some of his videos are about other internet personalities and various general world issues.

We recently talked about Youtuber Leafy's termination from the platform following a long feud involving Pokimane. The content creator posted a series of 12 videos mocking Pokimane and her fans, which has been touted as the reason behind his ban. Mainstream internet has condemned the move, and blamed Pokimane for the situation.

TheQuartering recently posted a video on the matter, in which he talked about Leafy's permanent ban, and analyzed whether Pokimane or any other content creator might have something to do with the same.

YouTube confirms that LeafyIshere's ban is permanent

Jeremy accused Pokimane of not being a YouTuber, and said that she uses the platform as a dumping ground for her Twitch related content. Further, he read an article from The Verge, and said that some aspects might be untrue.

According to Jeremy, Leafy did not know about the impending ban, and wasn't told or notified about the 'three or more strikes' that his content had received in the last 90 days.

Pokimane and Leafy
Pokimane and Leafy

A YouTube spokesperson has now confirmed that Leafy's ban is permanent, and the 'Pokimane' saga has much to do with it. The spokesperson said that channels that will repeatedly flout YouTube's guidelines would be permanently terminated, even if the YouTuber in question has 5 million subscribers.

He also talked about some past incidents for which YouTube had come under scrutiny, leading to an entirely new policy which is more stringent and aggressive. Jeremy spoke about various aspects of Leafy's feuds with both Pokimane and H3H3's Ethan Klein.

Image Credits: dexerto
Image Credits: dexerto

He also talked about the two strikes that Leafy had received back in June, as a result of which he had to put his videos to 'private' to avoid a third strike. Back then, YouTube had failed or somewhat declined even to point out the videos that had received the strikes, something which angered Jeremy even more.


Jeremy then talked about YouTube's policies, and the fact that videos such as the 'Content Nuke' series that H3H3 posted did not receive the same kind of treatment in the past. Ethan Klein has posted three videos insulting and criticizing Keemstar, another notable content creator who has had a long feud with Pokimane.

He also criticized how YouTube has not even pointed out the content which was 'over the line'. According to TheQuartering, people can no longer make videos about Pokimane or even her fans, because nobody can be sure where the line will be crossed, and they will end up with the same fate. You can watch the entire video below.


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