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Leafy gets permanently banned from Twitch, the same day Pokimane returns from break

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Image Credits: Pinterest
Modified 12 Sep 2020, 10:41 IST

Just weeks after his unceremonious YouTube ban, controversial YouTuber Calvin Lee Vail, aka LeafyIsHere, has now been permanently banned from Twitch.

Leafy recently had his YouTube channel terminated, post his series of videos on popular streamer Imane Pokimane Anys. In a cruel twist of fate, the ex-YouTuber has now been banned from Amazon-owned Twitch, on the very same day that Pokimane decided to make her return to streaming.

The news of Leafy's Twitch termination was confirmed by esports insider Rod Slasher Breslau on Twitter:

The grounds for Leafy's removal were stated as securing "the safety of our community", and there appears to be a very distinct grey area pertaining to his sudden suspension.

Moreover, just like his YouTube ban, Leafy was given no prior notice or warning, as he took to Twitter to comment on the suddenness of the move.

He stated that he had been mindful of the ToS and enquired about an appeal process, considering this is his first offense:

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LeafyIsHere's Twitch has been terminated

While LeafyIsHere is known for his unabashed and often controversial views, many from the online community believe that he did not violate the ToS, as his suspension has now come under instant scrutiny.

In Leafy's tweet above, it is mentioned that Twitch has issued a Community Guidelines strike on his channel and stated the following reason:

"Engaging in hateful conduct and threats of violence against a person or group of people."

Another YouTuber, Optimus, released a video where he addressed Leafy's permanent Twitch ban and equated it with his recent YouTube ban:

"It turns out that he just got his Twitch account also permanently suspended, which at this point means that I believe the only place where Leafy is going to be able to make content is Storyfire, now that he's been suspended on both YouTube and Twitch."

He then commented on a prevalent sense of hypocrisy that exists on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch:

"They're very quick to take someone like Leafy down... but there are also a lot of big issues on YouTube and Twitch that haven't really been taken down or even addressed by these companies."

He then spoke about Pokimane's possible involvement, which he deems unlikely, before handing over his stream to his close friend Cyrus, who shared his opinion on the matter:

"Freedom of speech on the internet is dead, you can no longer make any jokes and everybody is just arguing and fixated on being angry 24x7... All this guy's been doing is making jokes, it's really not that deep."
"I just think that it's pathetic that all these multi-million dollar companies are shutting down this random guy for making jokes. This guy's not a threat dude!"

As soon as word got around that Leafy had been permanently banned from Twitch, the internet was abuzz as several reacted strongly to this news:

A section of the online community also highlighted a coincidence in the fact that Leafy was banned on the same day that Pokimane is returning:

Conspiracy or not, there certainly appears to be a lot of unanswered questions related to Leafy's recent Twitch suspension.

Published 12 Sep 2020, 10:20 IST
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