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Fortnite $19 card meme: A look at the viral meme that's taking the community by storm

19 Dollar Fortnite Card
19 Dollar Fortnite Card
Rob Kalajian
Modified 22 Feb 2021
"OK. $19 Fortnite card. Who wants it? And yes, I'm giving it away. Remember: Share. Share. Share...and trolls? DON'T GET BLOCKED."

Fortnite players all over the internet are reciting those words in forums, on Discord, and on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos. What are they talking about? One of the latest memes to sweep the Fortnite community. A 19 Dollar Fortnite Card.

Origin of 19 Dollar Fortnite Card

Back in early January, TikTok entertainer and comedian @mrblocku, back then known as @imsofate, uploaded the above video from the passenger seat of his car. The video is filmed in an erratic manner, as it was meant to advertise a giveaway, which @mrblocku is known for. Generally a positive force in the Fortnite community, he encourages his viewers to share, and to not be trolls.

It did not take long for the Fortnite community to take the audio and roll with it, creating meme after meme, often remixing $19 Fortnite card with other memes. Take the following example from 8-BitAnt, who mixes $19 Fortnite Card with Morshu from Link: The Faces of Evil.


Views on these memes range up to 20,000 views, with even tweets about the meme being blasted around twitter at the speed of sound.

While it is all in good fun, it is important to remember the message behind the initial video by @mrblocku. Share. Be kind. Memes are a great way to share a smile and laugh, but only when posted in kind and without malice.

What does @mrblocku think of the memes?

To my trollers You gotta know this! You gotta know this! I DONT F WITH YOU! And i dont really care what you do Cause you really don’t matter And nobody really care But I love doin this... BLOCKIN YOU!!!!!!!!

Remember, with great memes come great responsibility. Only you can prevent Fortnite toxicity.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 23:53 IST
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