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Fortnite: Ali-A defends Fortnitemares, says it's not copied from COD Zombie mode

Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 22 Oct 2020, 17:22 IST

As was largely expected, Fortnite took things to the next level with its Fortnitemares 2020 update. Focusing on the return of the Midas, the event will feature something that has never been seen before. Earlier, the confirmation of the J Balvin Concert in Party Royale on 31st October, was also something that was enthusiastically received by the community. Now, with the return of Midas, things are looking on the up for Fortnite.

However, there are several in the community who feel that Epic Games have lost their touch in terms of originality. 

With the introduction of Fortnitemares 2020, the community learned that players can now play as a Zombie. The community was split about the theory that Fortnite copied the concept from Call Of Duty Warzone. This idea spread around social media like wildfire, as numerous players and fans started criticizing the Fortnitemares event. 

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Fortnitemares - Players can now turn into Zombies in Fortnite 

However, if we look at the world of gaming chronologically, the idea of having Zombies in games has been prevalent for the longest time now. World of Warcraft did it almost 15 years ago, while RuneScape had a Zombie event too. These are just instances where festive seasons are combined with popular mythical creatures to amplify the hype surrounding the title in question. The introduction of Zombies in gaming is, thus, not a new idea, but neither is it a copied one. 


An argument can be made that the Zombie mode in Call Of Duty is much more dynamic and entertaining than the other variants. However, that doesn't take anything away from Fortnitemares, or the creativity shown by Epic Games to introduce such an event. It is also important to note that Fortnite Save The World thrives on this dynamic. Therefore, to say that Fortnite has copied other games could not be further away from the truth.

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Ali-A points out how the Halloween concept is nothing new and that Fortnite did not copy any other game

Ali-A made a YouTube video covering the Fortnitemares update in Fortnite. He also took to Twitter to explain his stance on how he thinks the Zombie idea is nothing new. LazarBeam also commented on his post, pointing out how World of Warcraft did it way back as well. Similarly, the names of several other games came up, which have emulated the Zombie idea during Halloween season. 

The exciting factor that Fortnite has added will evidently tie back to the return of Midas. The Authority was vacant for a long time, and players wondered if that would become a new Marvel POI. However, with Fortnitemares, it has turned into the fortress for the Zombies and Midas. 


Ali-A showed all the free emotes and cosmetics being given away during the Fortnitemares event. The home screen has turned into a destroyed version of the Authority. Three Fortnite challenges have been leaked as well. These include - 'Travel 100m on a Witch Broom', 'Become a Shadow' and 'Eat Candy'.

As a zombie, players can do a lot of things - possess vehicles, consume weapons, and much more. Zombies however, can't build, but that doesn't matter as much, because of their ability to make gargantuan leaps. 

Shadow Midas is hence back with his gang of Zombies. Simultaneously, there are several new rewards in the game being given away that are associated to the Fortnitemares challenges. Players are quite excited to jump into the game, having been given the option to try out Midas, or just play as a Zombie. Hopefully this time, Fortnitemares will be bigger than it has ever been. 

Published 22 Oct 2020, 17:22 IST
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