Fortnite: How to catch the Midas Fish

Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has witnessed a paradigm shift concerning fishing. Since the beginning of Chapter 2, there has been a vast disparity in opinions about playing floppers in Fortnite.


Somehow, the dynamic died down after the first chapter, but Epic Games did not take a long time to re-establish it properly.


Season 4 then introduced a bunch of new fish. The community was quite happy about this change, as it shifted the dynamic towards more survival options for players. A fishing book was also introduced that kept track of the fish players caught. As a result, there are numerous fish in the game now that offer a tactical advantage.

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However, the two most unique fish in Fortnite are the Midas Fish and The Vendetta Fish. Players reported finding them earlier, but the v14.20 update solidified it.


Earlier, players would only find a glitched version across the map. Nevertheless, the following list was made after carefully studying the inferences from popular streamers.

How to find the Midas Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

According to several streamers, the Midas Fish can be found at specific locations. With the new dynamic, rare fish are only caught with ample rods.

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  • Statistically, the majority have found that the Midas Fish only spawns near The Authority in Fortnite.
  • Players need to check all the fishing holes to start with.
  • If players do not have a pro rod needed with a 1% catch rate, then they need to find one. There is an Upgrade Station inside The Authority, which can also come in handy.
  • Players also need to be careful while fishing, as most streamers encountered numerous third-party situations.
  • The Midas and Vendetta Fish spawn at a 1% rate, and thus, if a player finds one of either, it's best not to waste time searching for the other.
  • It will necessarily take about seven to 15 minutes to find the fish.
  • Sometimes, players need to scour multiple fishing holes to find one.
  • On consuming, the entire inventory turns Legendary. However, numerous streamers have reported a specific issue with the Pistol.

Thus, to get one of these game-changing fish in Fortnite, players need to follow these steps to get ahead in the game strategically. However, it is advised to keep an eye out for opponents, as The Authority is still one of the most contested spots in the game.

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