Fortnite Season 4: Iron Man battle bus could take us back to the old map

A whiteboard at Stark Industries showcases the upcoming plans of Iron Man in Fortnite (Image credit: Rijit Banerjee/ Sportskeeda)
A whiteboard at Stark Industries showcases the upcoming plans of Iron Man in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 4 is a glamourous collaboration with Marvel Studios, which saw some remarkable changes being made in the game. It all started with famous superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Groot, and Thor making their entrances on to the map to save the Fortnite world. Galactus is also slowly approaching the planet, and the threat is significant, to say the least.

Amidst the Fortnite storyline changes, players can see Iron Man playing an active role this season. Earlier, he was working on the beacons surrounding Frenzy Farm and brought Stark Industries on to the map. After that, he became a boss in the same place, dropping two mythical items for the players when eliminated.

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And now, it seems like Iron Man is set to redesign the traditional battle bus that drops players on to the game. In this article, we will be speculating on his new plans and figuring out his motives.

Iron Man might bring back the retro map of Fortnite

Stark Industries, the home of Iron Man and his Stark robots, is one of the newest point of interests added to the game. However, if players look around the ground floor of the building, beside the Iron Man suit, they can spot a whiteboard with a battle bus drawn on it, and some mathematical calculations.

It leads to further speculations from the Fortnite community, with the most famous being, as you guessed it, the possibility of the old map coming back into the game. Gamers have been requesting to bring back the old version of Fortnite for a variety of reasons.

As it stands, Iron Man is already known to teleport new points of interest into the game, but the thought of a full-map revamp seems a bit complicated for most of the gamers.

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More theories suggest the battle bus might play a huge role in fighting Galactus when he lands on the world of Fortnite. Iron Man might be modifying it to make a great weapon off the vehicle, and could use it to kill Galactus. Other theories suggest that it could just be another seasonal change to the overall aesthetics of the battle bus in the game.

Gamers have to sit tight until the next few updates to fully unravel what's going on with the whole storyline of Fortnite.

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