Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 Leaks: Female Henchman, Season 3 Trailer poster, 'Escaped' Set, v12.60 Update details

  • New leaks have surfaced just days before Fortnite Season 3.
  • From the strange appearance of an alleged 'Female Henchman' to Fortnite v12.60 update, here is everything new.
Modified 19 May 2020, 22:10 IST

A Concept for Fortnite Season 3 (Image credits: ShuffleGamer)
A Concept for Fortnite Season 3 (Image credits: ShuffleGamer)

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 is nearing its end. While this season introduced a new line of characters in the Fortnite story line, players around the world are equally excited to see what Fortnite Season 3 has in store for them.

As we inch close to the new Fortnite Season 3, new leaks have started to emerge in the Fortnite community. This article attempts to debunk a few supposed leaks about how Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 ends, some of which could potentially help the game progress into the much-hyped Fortnite Season 3.

  •  Fortnite Season 3 Poster debunked
  • The Myth of Female Henchmen at 'The Agency'
  • Potential new skin sets (Escaped Set)
  • Fortnite v12.60 update 

'Escaped' skin set leaked

A new skin set has been discovered in the game files by a popular data leaker who goes by the name of StormLeaks. The skin set titled 'Escaped' seems to revolve around the puppet theme, based on its description. 

The entire set has a male and female counterpart along with its own pick axe and glider. Tons of theories have already started doing the rounds based on the dubious title the set carries. Players could see a new character being introduced to the Fortnite story line with connections to the current prison POIs in the Fortnite map.

Female counterpart of Henchman spotted

What many players assumed as a teaser towards new additions in Fortnite Season 3 has now been confirmed as a visual glitch.
What many players assumed as a teaser towards new additions in Fortnite Season 3 has now been confirmed as a visual glitch.

Multiple players have reported seeing a female counterpart of Midas' trusty guards, the Henchman. 

In reality however, the female counterpart of Henchman is merely a placeholder for the actual skin until the character model renders. This is similar to players' skin being a default until the actual skin they have assigned loads. 


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 Poster

A Poster that has been doing the rounds of the internet has now been confirmed as fake. The poster is at best a concept art of how the map may look like once the Fortnite season 3 'Flood' theme is in effect.

The image was originally featured as a thumbnail in a video by a Youtuber named ShuffleGamer.

Fortnite v12.60 Update 

Since Fortnite has been under a content drought for quite some time now, players have high hopes from the upcoming Fortnite v12.60 update. The Fortnite update is confirmed to drop next week since the files have been added to the staging server.

The update will also help the Fortnite story line move forward, and could possibly have hints about the upcoming Fortnite Doomsday event. You can also refer to our detailed article on the Fortnite v12.60 update that features the upcoming bug fixes as well.

Published 17 May 2020, 01:43 IST
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