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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: What we know so far

Image Credits : Epic Games
Image Credits : Epic Games
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 31 Oct 2020, 00:15 IST

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 recently saw it's first major external theme. It's collaboration with Marvel saw the addition of characters like Ironman and Thor to name a few. It's been close to two months since the new chapter kicked off now, as we slowly but steadily move towards its end. Let's read on further and see what the future has in store for Fortnite.

Fortnite: What to expect in Chapter 2, Season 5?

Battle Pass:

To begin with, since the Battle Pass is slated to end on the 30th of November, that is the exact date when the new Battle Pass could begin as well. The battle pass will contain the usual fill of V-Bucks, cosmetics, weapons, emotes, gliders and skins, just like any of the other battle passes. Epic Games is yet to drop the battle pass trailer, but if you haven't watched the trailer for the Season 4 one, you can watch it here.

For now, you can expect the price of the battle pass to be the same as it used to be, at 950 V-bucks. The V-bucks bundle can also be availed for a price of 2800 V-bucks, which grants completion of the first few levels of the battle pass too.

Map Changes:

Every new season in Fortnite has seen the map changing a bit here and there. It can hence be assumed that there will be changes to the map this time around as well. The past seasons have not seen too many major map changes to be very honest, and even this time, it does not look like there will be all that many major changes occurring.

'Map showing Heart Lake' Image Credits : Epic Games

Next Generation Consoles:

Fortnite Season 5 will be the first season to be launched on the next generation consoles. Both the Playstation 5 and Xbox One X will feature 4k visuals, and support gameplay at 120fps. There's a chance that ray tracing could be added as well. In a nutshell, ray tracing will make things look a lot better.


It's difficult to say what the theme could be for the new season, as we can only speculate. With the recent Marvel collaboration, the world of DC could be watching closely, so chances are, a collaboration between Fortnite and DC may be on the cards. However, in a statement on twitter, here's what Donald Mustard had to say.

And here's what eagle-eyed members of the community spotted.


Thus chances are, a Star Trek, or a GI Joe collaboration might be on the cards as well.


Skins are always aplenty whenever there's a new season coming up. Expect more of the same this time as well. There are a lot of new skins that may be up for grabs as soon as season 5 drops.


There's a high chance that Midas might return for good this time, in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. With Midas reappearing in Fortnitemares, Epic Games may have indicated that Midas wasn't done yet, and bringing Midas back in the new season would be a nice way to close off an old chapter. Perhaps a new event will reveal more about Midas, and his involvement in the new season.

Further, the cover of the Last Laugh Bundle for Fortnite does prove that Midas will indeed be returning. The character however, does sport a new suit, indicating that he was damaged by the shark that devoured him, or rather tried to devour him, in Season 3.

Image Credits : Epic Games
Image Credits : Epic Games

Mythic Weapons:

The nature and storyline of the season will somewhat guide the new weapons which would be added to the season. It's difficult so say which mythic weapons would be released in the new season, but there should be a handful of them coming in.



Fishing has been a huge boon for the game since the beginning of this new chapter in Fortnite, and chances are that fishing may receive a bit more attention in the new season. However, any major overhauls are unlikely, because with the advent of the Midas fish, the loot pool from fishing is already 'legendary'.

'Midas Fish' Image Credits : Epic Games

We've made our calls, and right now, all we can do is wait till the new season of Fortnite drops, to see if our speculations were actually correct. The new battle pass is likely to begin on the 30th of November, marking the end of Fortnite Season 4. With almost a month left for the battle pass to run out, those who haven't completed the missions yet, will need to go out their and get grinding.

Published 30 Oct 2020, 22:19 IST
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