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Fortnite China's Lara Croft leak may have signaled the return of Midas

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 24 Mar 2021

Fortnite China has leaked the Golden Lara Croft Skin and that may mean that Midas may come sooner than everyone once imagined.

Gold Lara Croft's inclusion in Fortnite is a rare but interesting addition. It may not be a play on the gold edition of Tomb Raider, but rather it is more Fortnite lore than anything else. Fans will recognize the inclusion of gold as a reminder of when Midas was a big part of the story.

During the time of Midas, golden skins were quite normal. In addition to Midas, many other characters were golden, and he was their de facto leader. The return of all-gold characters means a return to a time when Midas was prominent.

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Lara Croft may be golden as a sign of her loyalty to Midas, or the influence of Midas. Female Midas has been rumored to appear this season, so this may be Epic Games’ way of slowly setting things up.

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Other Fortnite character skins may also be signaling the return of Midas


For argument’s sake, let’s say that Lara Croft’s new golden skin is a teaser towards the return of Midas. It would mean that more characters would be required to display gold to indicate the return. The list below shows multiple skins and the level required to achieve them:

  • Golden Agent Jonesy, Level 120, 8.6 Million XP
  • Golden Lara Croft, Level 130, 9.2 Million XP
  • Golden Tarana, Leevel 160, 11 Million XP
  • Golden Raz, Level 170, 11.7 Million XP
  • Golden Cluck, Level 180, 12.3 Million XP
  • Golden Raven, Level 205, 14 Million XP
  • Golden Spire Assassin, Level 210, 14.5 Million XP
  • Golden Neymar, Level 215, 15 Million XP

All of these skins are golden, just like how they were when Midas was at the center of the storyline. If female Midas doesn't appear this season, then the return is imminent because all these gold skins coming out of nowhere could be suspicious.

Epic Games has never officially announced it, but the addition of these skins could be an attempt from the side of the developers to inform fans.

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Published 24 Mar 2021, 20:29 IST
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