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Top 5 weird Fortnite skins that are not worth the V-Bucks

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 24 Mar 2021

Fancy-looking skins are a unique selling point for Fortnite. Thanks to the collaborations of late, loopers get to play as their favorite comic book hero and eliminate the competition in style.

Additionally, there are other skins in Fortnite of unknown origin.

Fortnite is supposed to be a battle royale capable of being entertaining with elements of humor. So the skins in the game have some comical element associated with them.

However, the developers have pushed this comical element a bit too far with some skins by making them weird. This article discusses five of the strangest Fortnite skins.

Note: This article expresses the opinions of the writer.

Top 5 weird Fortnite skins

#1 Lada

Imagine a lady in a yellow dungaree running around on Fortnite island, shooting bullets. Lada's head is a taco on the body of a woman. Whoever designed Lada definitely loved tacos a lot.


#2 Beef Boss

Beef Boss is a regular, run-of-the-mill skin in Fortnite. There's nothing wrong with this skin except that Beef Boss' head is a burger with big eyes and a long tongue. Beef Boss skin is likely to scare many, given its unusual visual makeup.

#3 Twistie

The Twistie skin in Fortnite is another weird-looking skin. It looks strange and is also expensive, making it one of the most unpopular skins in Fortnite. Twistie is just an inflatable which, for some reason, came to life and made it to Fortnite island. This skin is quite rare as well. It's not seen in the game that often.

#4 Peely


This may be a fan favorite, but Peely is a skin that defies all logic. Peely is a Fortnite skin that resembles a banana with legs.

Even stranger was the Peely-bone outfit, which was seen during the Fortnitemares event.

Peely-bone had half of its skin peeled, revealing a boney skeleton. It would have been fine had Peely been a human, but a banana with a skeleton is definitely weird.

#5 Lil Whip

Lil Whip is another simply bizarre food skin. Nothing is generally wrong with this skin except for the fact that it's an ice cream in a cone. Ice cream usually melts at room temperature, but Lil Whip doesn't melt at all, which raises a few eyebrows.

It's a funny skin that borders on being weird. But then again, Lil Whip seems normal when compared to Lada or Beef Boss.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 18:48 IST
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