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Fortnite Season 6 leak hints at Lynx Fortnite skin in Crew subscription

{Image via @ShiinBR on Twitter}
{Image via @ShiinBR on Twitter}
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Breaking news has surfaced regarding the possibility of the Lynx Fortnite skin appearing in Fortnite Season 6 via Twitter.

The current Season is jam-packed with new features, locations, and more. However, Epic Games is not stopping there.

Fans are speculating that owning the monthly Fortnite Crew will soon lead to obtaining the unreleased Lynx Fortnite skin.

Fortnite Season 6 leak hints at Lynx Fortnite skin in Crew subscription

With Fortnite Season 6 being released nearly a week ago, some fans may not have expected to continue receiving such exciting surprises.

Nonetheless, popular leaker @ShiinBR sent out the Tweet below while crediting another Fortnite leaker on the rise, @Not0fficer. The leak began generating an influx of opinions on the unreleased skin.

Initially, the skin was not met with positive feedback. Many Fortnite fans responded negatively to the design, while others expressed a larger desire for other rumored skins.


Members of the community seem completely divided on their opinions on the Lynx Fortnite skin. The debate over the skin is quickly turning into a meme.

As the leak has had time to spread to more members of the community though, the Lynx Fortnite skin is gaining more and more positive attention.

While some loopers are not thrilled with its possible arrival, other members would like to see even more of the Lynx Fortnite skin.


Some fans within the Fortnite community have expressed that they would also enjoy seeing seasoned variations for their favorite skins - an idea that would fit well with the monthly Crew subscription.

Currently, it is believed that the only way to obtain the Lynx Fortnite skin is to be a member of the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription.

Enrolling in the Fortnite Crew subscription includes benefits such as receiving exclusive skins, 1,000 V-Bucks, the current Battle Pass, and other exciting bonuses once every month.

Should gamers find themselves spending enough time attempting to achieve a #1 Victory Royale, they could consider joining the Crew subscription. One clear benefit for those already subscribed, however, is the potential promise of the Lynx Fortnite skin.


Fortnite Season 6 players seem to be evenly split regarding the arrival of the Lynx Fortnite skin. For better or for worse, whether available in the Crew pack or not, this encrypted skin is certainly on its way to the battlefield.

Rumors suggest that this encrypted skin does follow the pattern of the Crew membership releases. Should this be accurate, loopers could expect to see an official Lynx Fortnite skin announcement sometime next week.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 01:30 IST
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