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Fortnite Season 6 leak all but confirms that raptors are coming to the game

{Image via Sportskeeda}
{Image via Sportskeeda}
Modified 22 Mar 2021

Fortnite Season 6 has brought many unique features to the battle royale game. Among all new map locations and crafting opportunities, this Season features animals for loopers to interact with, such as boars, chickens, and wolves.

Recent leaks, however, suggest that raptors could be joining Fortnite players on the road to the Spires much sooner than expected.

Leaks suggest Raptors are coming to Fortnite Season 6 soon

Fortnite Season 6 has been available for an entire week now, leaving the new map and the secrets within almost completely explored.

Not long after launch day, raptor eggs were found lying around the map. A new NPC by the name of Raptor was also discovered, and he is possibly linked to the dinosaurs rumored to come.

Amidst recent leaks suggesting that dinosaurs are on their way to the battle royale, Twitter is aflutter with excitement.


With traces of raptor-based hints found all throughout the already available areas of the map, dataminers turned to the game's code for more verification.

With Fortnite Season 6 comes an all new Primal theme. This includes the incorporation of hunting and taming of animals into the battle royale gameplay.

Should dinosaurs enter the game, as they are nearly confirmed to be, this could mean that loopers can expect to ride a raptor enroute to claiming their #1 Victory Royale.

If Fortnite Season 6 players are given the opportunity to hunt dinosaurs, or more specifically raptors, it is possible that valuable loot could be dropped by these animals. Along with the possibility of better loot drops, better materials could be given to players for crafting and weapons upgrades.

There is no doubt though, that these beasts will prove to be a difficult fight to win. Historically, raptors are known to be pack hunters, and the eggs that are currently visible to players on the map, are grouped in threes.


Should the nearly-confirmed rumors become a stone-cold fact in the battle royale gameplay, loopers should expect a thrilling challenge.

With the release of new gameplay features, new points of interest, and mystical skins, Fortnite Season 6 could be shaping up to be the best season yet. Raptors making an official in-game appearance would surely take the game to the next level.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 23:20 IST
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