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Fortnite: Competitive 1v1 Arena Boxfight map released

(Image Credit: @NEOfnbr)
(Image Credit: @NEOfnbr)
Modified 09 Jul 2020, 23:10 IST

Fortnite might be the biggest casual game available at the moment, but millions of players watch the competitive tournaments each year, or at least on a normal year. If you’re interested in taking your game to the next level, and trying your luck in a more competitive environment, then you should train with the new 1v1 Arena Boxfight map.

What sets this map apart from other boxfight maps

This new 1v1 Arena Boxfight map uses a basic matchmaking algorithm to pair players with opponents of similar skill. This means that, instead of having games where you either lose to a vastly more skillful opponent or beat a player who tragically lacks an understanding of the more complex parts of the competitive game, you will more frequently match against Fortnite players around your skill level and ensure that you have room to develop your technique.

For players looking to get better at the game, you always want to be matching against someone slightly better than you. This gives you the chance to observe someone who should have a similar skillset or knowledge base as you, the opportunity to train your muscle memory and reaction speed, and ultimately ensures that no matter what you have to get better.

The Fortnite Competitive Community

If you have never given the Fortnite Competitive Community a shot, you should definitely reconsider. Taking part in the competitive community of any game doesn’t mean going to tournaments or no longer playing to have fun, it’s about wanting to improve yourself and your abilities through self reflection, discipline, and dedication. In short, it's another way to play Fortnite. The skills players learn by engaging with any competitive group ultimately carry over into other games and into their lives.


Lastly, I want to just say that competitive does not mean difficult. Joining the competitive community does not mean that you have to play at a top level, or even aspire to. It just means that you’re interested in getting better and learning new things.

1v1 Arena Box Fights Fortnite Map Code: 9650-7226-8979

Published 09 Jul 2020, 23:10 IST
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