Fortnite: Donald Mustard's brother may have confirmed that the old map is never coming back

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

I Talk Fortnite is a popular YouTube channel that uploads videos regarding Fortnite leaks, updates, and even hosts a Fortnite podcast. On the 48th episode of the I Talk Fortnite Podcast, the guest was none other than MustardPlays. MustardPlays is another popular YouTuber, and is also the brother of Donald Mustard. For those unaware, Donald Mustard is the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games.

I Talk Fortnite and MustardPlays spent the over two hours of podcast time doing what you would expected them to do. They talked Fortnite. As the episode began to wind down, the conversation shifted towards a popular topic in the Fortnite community. The spoke about possibly reverting to older versions of Fortnite, whether graphics or the map.

IFT & MustardPlays on the old Fortnite map

(Image Credit: I Talk Fortnite)
(Image Credit: I Talk Fortnite)

This portion of the conversation started with ITF bringing up the changes that Chapter 2 brought. He felt that the new chapter saw the game become much more realistic and serious in terms of graphics. The fun and silliness of Chapter 1 has seemingly gone away. He then brought up how a lot of players want the old map to return.

MustardPlays immediately touches on problems with the old map, mentioning that it was made only in a few weeks' time. Epic Games wanted to test the battle royale genre with Fortnite and it became hugely successful. Epic Games then decided to continue with the Fortnite BR mode, wanting to do more with the system they built. The old map and graphics would not be able to maintain these new aspirations. MustardPlays mentions that the old map wouldn't allow things such as swimming, vehicles, and weather patterns.

He says that Fortnite needs to continue evolving and adapting in order for it to not die. This is why a new map was extremely necessary. ITF and MustardPlays then discuss how players may just want the memories and nostalgia of the old Fortnite map, rather than the map itself.

This discussion begins at 2:04:00 of the podcast.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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