Fortnite: How to survive hot-drop locations in Chapter 2 - Season 4

Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Image Credits - Sportskeeda

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 has been a celebration of sorts with all of the new items and surprises. The game has recently seen an influx of new players thanks to all the partnerships and collaborations. Lately, several pros and experts have also spoken up about the rapid increase in content. However, Epic Games has also lined up several Fortnite tournaments and cash cups in the transition period.

Ever since the water was drained from the map, players began to enjoy the game again. Numerous new changes were added to the game just to shift the dynamic. This includes a whole new Marvel-based storyline that ties up the Fortnite Lore.

The introduction of new POIs like Doom's Domain and Stark Industries have seen a shift in hotspots. Earlier, players would frequent places like The Authority, Frenzy Farm, and so on. Now, the rage is all about surviving at the new POIs.

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Areas to hot drop in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4


Specific locations in the game provide advantages as it gives ample loot for players to survive. Especially the areas that have been changed to Marvel POIs have special significance.

Not only do players drop here frequently, but they are also closest to acquiring the mythic weapons. Professional players like to get the job done by obtaining a mythic ability first. For instance, Stark Industries is one such area where the loot is brilliant and players drop there in numbers.


Naturally, it is best to acquire the Iron Man Repulsor Gauntlets and Unibeam early on. Similarly, Doom's Domain is another spot that is well-contested. Simply because of the unique loot it provides along with the mythic ability. The Quinjets are also locations where players usually end up getting ambushed, and thus players need to beware of those.

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How to survive during hot drops in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4


These new areas in Fortnite offer a superior tactical advantage. Additionally, the loot is twice as good as other places. Naturally, players are drawn to it because of the mythic abilities that can be acquired. However, this has seen a lot of players dying just as soon as they land.

If a player is landing on these sites, then their primary objective should be survival first and combat later. So, in order to get ahead of their opponents, players need to find a proper weapon. After that, farm enough mats to have for two consecutive fights. Once that is done, try to seek out the closest players in the proximity.

Naturally, fights are always breaking out in hotspots like these, so finding a fight is the easy part. However, expecting to third-party others without any resistance is the wrong move. Players need to be really sneaky if they are planning to third-party. While getting in and out of builds, players need to make sure that the opponent isn't suspicious.

It is a bonus if players find mythic weapons right at the start of the game by killing Iron Man or Dr. Doom for their mythic weaponns. However, in most cases, expect the opponent to have it.


While fighting those opponents, players need to time it right because the mythic weapons have a time snooze. Although, that is not the case for Iron Man's Repulsor Gauntlets. To face that, players definitely need to adapt to box fights quickly. As demonstrated in the video by Ali "SypherPK" Hassan, players need to be really creative. There are numerous ways in which one can survive in these areas and emerge with maximum eliminations in Fortnite.

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