Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins: How to find all the 10 coins - Green, Blue, Purple and Gold. 

Fortnite Week 7 XP Coin - Locations guide (Image credits: Squatingdog on Twitter)
Fortnite Week 7 XP Coin - Locations guide (Image credits: Squatingdog on Twitter)
Dipanjan Dey

Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins search requires some guidance. The challenges in earlier editions established that players gain experience points based on the color of these coins. These coins are thus scattered across the map for players to locate. However, it has been suggested that players try them in different game modes if possible.

A comprehensive idea about the coins is necessary before players jump in trying to claim them. The Green XP coin grants a total of 5,000 XP. Simultaneously, the Purple Coin grants 10,000 XP per coin, which makes it quite rare. The colours are to symbolize their uniqueness just like they do with guns. It was noted that the Purple Coin explodes when it's collected thus it is suggested to build a box around before collecting. Likewise, the Blue Coin grants about 6,500 XP. 

The hunt for the Gold Coin seemed to elude everyone as it offers an enticing 15,000 XP, thus giving players better opportunities to take advantage of the free XP. YouTuber EveryDay FortNite made a video highlighting all the locations pertinent to the Fortnite Week 7 XP coin chase. A total of 10 coins can be gathered by players in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Week 7.

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Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins - Location for the Green XP Coin 

In Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins chase, players can find upto 4 green coins spread throughout the map. Collecting all of these can grant players upto 20,000 XP. Thus, players should try to land or navigate to the following locations as quickly as possible. 

  • Bridge south of Stark Industries - This is the Bridge that is found on the left side of The Authority and just south of Stark Industries. Players can locate the coin hidden on the top layer of the bridge as shown in the video.
  • The Shark - The broken central tower at The Shark has the coin hidden on ground level. 
  • Far East from Retail Row - Right on the edge of the map where a structure stands with the Shadow sigil. Players can locate the coin from the sea-side ramp.
  • Misty Meadows - The Green coin can be noticed easily upon entering the hut near Misty Meadows.

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Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins - Location for the Blue XP Coin 

Offering 6,500 XP, the blue variant of the Fortnite Week 7 XP coins can be located in the following spots. Players need to be quick as the Blue XP Coins are time based, and are often hidden.

  • Holly Hedges - Inside the building on the eastern side of Holly Hedges.
  • Sweaty Sands - On the northern side of Sweaty Sands, the Blue XP Coin can be located near the dumpster in the alley. 
  • Risky Reels - The shed where the vehicle stands in Risky Reels.

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Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins - Location for the Purple XP Coin 

There are only two Purple XP Coins to be found in Fortnite Week 7. They are explosive in nature, thus players will need to build around them. 

  • Weeping Woods - almost near the center, can be located a little ahead of the house. 
  • Coral Castle - On the island which is towards Doom's Domain. Right around the aeroplane Crash Site, players can find the Purple XP Coin inside the bush. 

Fortnite Week 7 XP Coins - Location for the Gold XP Coin


There is only one Gold XP Coin added to Fortnite Week 7. Players can find it in the big mansion at Doom's Domain.

Thus a total of 10 coins have been offered in Fortnite Week 7, wherein players can gain up to 59,500 XP without too much of a hassle.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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