Fortnite Season 4: Epic Games set to roll free rewards out for viewers watching FNCS LiveStream

Image Credits - Epic Games
Image Credits - Epic Games
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 29 Sep 2020

With the upcoming tournaments in Fortnite, Epic Games has major plans to kick-start the FNCS. The previous Fortnite Champions Series did not live up to the hype, especially with the anti-cheat system that they had in place failing to detect hackers.

Recently, Epic announced a set of new rules that would dictate the tournament. They also included several other measures to stop hacking. Since it is Fortnite Battle Royale's Birthday, Epic Games is also giving away a lot of free items, which includes sprays, emotes, and back-blings.

Image Credits - Epic Games
Image Credits - Epic Games

For the upcoming FNCS, Epic has something similar planned. In light of recent events, this is a great marketing strategy to respond to criticism. Players have been quite displeased with the competitive scene of late. Epic Games have figured out that in order to sort that, they must start by repaying the faith players have placed in them. 

Epic to gift Fortnite cosmetics as a part of FNCS Twitch drops

Thus, as a gesture of gratitude, Epic Games has decided to give away cosmetics exclusively on Twitch. This will be made available to all players who are viewing the official stream, or watching a streamer who has drops enabled. 

In their recent blog, Epic Games said:

"Viewers on Twitch will be able to earn FNCS-themed Fortnite items, including a Spray, Emoticon and Back Bling. Note: Make sure your Epic account is already linked to Twitch and that you're watching a drops-enabled channel. If you're planning to stream FNCS on your Twitch channel, you're eligible to activate your Twitch channel for drops during the FNCS. To opt in to this program, please complete this survey with your request BEFORE OCTOBER 6, 2020. In this survey, we are looking for information regarding your account and Twitch channel. To snag content from the drops, simply watch an activated channel during FNCS."

They also mentioned how one has to link their Twitch account with their Epic account to be enabled for drops. Simultaneously, players who have been linked for over six months need to re-link their accounts.

"Both viewers and participating streamers must have had their accounts linked within the last six months. Accounts that have been linked from an earlier date must be unlinked and re-linked."

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Epic Games maintaining healthy community interactions

The method Epic Games are following right now is going to help in the future with community interactions. After recently being criticized for their lack of attention, Epic Games is attempting to ensure that players do not have issues to complain about. Thus, all players have to do to earn these new cosmetics, is to like their account, and watch a drop-enabled Twitch stream of the FNCS.

Whether it is in the form of updates or free cosmetics, it is good to see that they have taken a step in the right direction. The Fortnite Championship Series begins on October 9, 2020. Catch the action live with our enhanced viewing experience at or on the Fortnite YouTube channel.

To get a better understanding of how to earn these free rewards, you may also refer the video below:

Published 29 Sep 2020
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