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Fortnite: Cosmetics making the game pay-to-win

(Image Courtesy - Epic Games)
(Image Courtesy - Epic Games)
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 19 Sep 2020, 01:20 IST

Fortnite is slowly turning into a pay-to-win video game. The latest cosmetics range allowing players to camouflage in the open has brought Epic Games under some intense scrutiny from the community.

It is not a problem that is related to in-game micro-transactions. It is more or less about how players can be more innovative with cosmetics. There are several cosmetics in Fortnite that can be used to gain an advantage in the game. 

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Is Fortnite becoming a pay-to-win game?

(Image Courtesy - Epic Games)
(Image Courtesy - Epic Games)

Some Fortnite skins tend to obscure opponents' vision. There are numerous skins that have faced criticism because of this very reason. Epic Games seem to have continued their tradition of adding cosmetics in the game that give players a visual advantage. 

This growing concern has made several popular streamers speculate about the strategy of Fortnite's developers here. If Epic Games are trying to propagate fair play, then these skins need to be removed from the game as soon as possible. 

Perhaps a return for them should compensate the owners. Since there is a significant section that does not purchase cosmetics, it is highly unfair to them. 


This might incite a lot of negativity from players, especially youngsters. No one wants to die to a player whose skin resembles that of a bush. Similarly, it is foolish to die to a Stark Robot, but what if one of them is a player with a Mystique skin? 

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Eminent YouTubers showing how to take advantage in a sneaky manner

Mechanical issues have popped up in the game before, but Season 4 managed to refresh the memory in this regard with the introduction of the Silver Surfer and Mystique skins.

Both LazarBeam and Muselk made videos to show that the skins do offer some advantage if players are smart enough. Other popular streamers have also opined along the same lines.


The brand-new Boundless skins can also be customised to perfection. This gives players the creative liberty to make them almost invisible to the terrain. This sneaky camouflage pattern can be noticed, especially with green variants, though.

Imagine a squad of players looking like bushes ambushing players out of nowhere! Players cannot be blamed if they fall for this. With the new mechanics that have been added in Fortnite, players have to adapt quickly.

Published 19 Sep 2020, 01:20 IST
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