Fortnite streamer exposes and confronts cheaters

Image courtesy - Epic Games
Image courtesy - Epic Games

Stream snipers are one of the worst enemies for any popular streamer out there. It is a form of cheating that cannot be accounted for or proved. Unless they are caught red-handed, it becomes difficult to track them down. It is way too common in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, etc.

Formula was live-streaming his Fortnite scrims with a $100 giveaway prize. Before this, he had banned the players that tried to cheat and stream snipe.

However, when these players joined the scrims, creating different accounts, it became tough for Formula to track them. Eventually though, he did track them down and gave them what they deserved.

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In scrims and tournaments like these, several deserving players never end up getting anything in the form of a reward. This is actually because cheaters, hackers, and stream snipers always grief these cash tourneys and practices. It is good to see that someone is finally standing up against this blatant foul play in Fortnite.

Formula exposes cheaters on his Fortnite Scrims


Custom lobbies are created by popular streamers for their faithful fan following. Usually, this gives an opportunity for the young players to make a name for themselves. Formula had already handed out few rules for his custom lobby.

Along with this, he banned the notorious players as well. In the video he said, "I just don't understand, if I ask you guys nicely not to play in the customs, why are you still playing them?"

After being caught and exposed, the cheaters did not have much to say in their defense. It was not just the playing part that got Formula furious.

These cheaters were most likely after the money that the loyal and fair fans deserved. This is one of the prime reasons why players do not like taking part in custom games.

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This is a significant concern for streamers

Streamers have a policy of giving back to the community whenever they can. This is one of the best ways to show gratitude towards their ever-faithful fans.

Stream snipers do not understand that by griefing these custom matches, they are actually creating a rift in the community.

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There have been tournaments where stream snipers have taken all the prizes and the loyalists were left with nothing.

Thus, this is a growing concern for the streaming community. In order to tackle this, streamers might start exposing cheaters as Formula did. If anything, that would teach the cheaters a lesson and let the loyalists have a shot at victory.

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