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'Fortnite is just lucky': xQc explains why the game may be dead in a few years

xQc recently shared his thoughts on Fortnite
xQc recently shared his thoughts on Fortnite
Modified 05 Oct 2020, 16:11 IST

Epic Games' Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, with millions of active players across the globe fighting it out for their share of Victory Royales and prize pools.

The fast-paced and quirky battle royale quickly climbed to the top of the charts and has dominated the sphere of gaming since its release.

The game has enjoyed its fair share of ups and downs. However, the latter has become more conspicuous lately as players and pros continue to express grievances over the state and flow of the game.

This sentiment was also shared by popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro Felix "xQc" Lengyel, who stated that the world of Fortnite, as we know it, could very well cease to exist in a few years.

xQc sounds off on the state of Fortnite

xQc's comments came on the back of his statement on CS: GO, which he believes is eternal and can never die in terms of longevity.


Speaking about how Fortnite has become a sort of 'cash grab' event these days, he refers to the in-game Battle Pass, which includes various skins at a particular price:

"The criticism mixed with cash incentive , instant reward, they cave just creates a big disconnect. There's a middle ground that companies have tried that works and there's some that doesn't work , the one that definitely doesn't work is Fortnite releasing the skeleton skin order for Halloween ."
"If you commit to doing a seasonal event or a seasonal release , commit to it, don't back out of it you f*****g b***h....In the long run, when Fortnite will not be on ESPN and on Disney XD , there will be nobody left and how will they make money? They won't because it will die like crazy if all the hardcores leave "

He then compares the situation with CS: GO and elaborates more on the topic of hardcores:

"But look at CS, the game is washed up, but look how many hardcores happen , they have a crazy amount, it's indestructible , you cannot kill CS, because the hardcores are all there , it's undying! "

He also takes a shot at Epic Games and their strategy behind Fortnite:

"No, you got lucky that's it, it's the survivorship bias! "

xQc's comments are certainly thought-provoking and seem to hint at the future of Fortnite being up in the air as the debate between short-term cash grabs vis-a-vis stellar content for the ages rages on.


Published 05 Oct 2020, 16:11 IST
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