Fortnite pro BenjyFishy's mother stream-sniped, toxic chat sends vulgar messages on live stream

{Image via Esports Talk YouTube}
{Image via Esports Talk YouTube}

Epic Games recently released the v16.00 update for Fortnite Season 6 and it attracted fans and gamers of all ages with its primal theme.

Just a few days before the update, MamaBenjyFishy broadcast her first Fortnite stream on Twitch, and the younger section of the community responded with rampant toxicity.

Casual Fortnite players, as well as pro players, are subjected to online toxicity on Twitch, and it has now become a part of the gaming culture.

However, it seems like even a seasonal update is not good enough to subdue the toxicity that flows unchecked in the Fortnite community.

Anne Fish, mother of popular professional Fortnite player BenjyFishy, was recently harassed online on her very first Twitch stream by numerous young members of the Fortnite community.

Jake Lucky from Esports Talk covered this issue recently, and he provided some much-needed insight into the matter.

Fortnite pro BenjyFishy's mom MamaBenjyFishy harassed by toxic Twitch chat

The younger section of the Fortnite community is popular for its toxicity on social media. Any player streaming Fortnite on Twitch knows how the community is caustic.

Anne Fish, better known as MamaBenjyFishy, recently faced the full wrath of a toxic crowd on her first-ever Twitch stream. Her only fault was that she did not have mods activated for her chat.

This gave the toxic crowd a chance to showcase their imbecilic creativity through text art, abusive insults, and homophobic and racial slurs.

Jake Lucky reports that as soon as Anne Fish announced that she had no mods activated on her Twitch chat, these "miscreants" started appearing out of nowhere.

The entire objective of these "trolls" was to ruin MamaBenjyFishy's stream, and they succeeded.

Shortly after Anne Fish shut down the broadcast, Fortnite pros Hampus "NRG Beehive" Johnsson and Jonathan "BBC Calc" Weber, tweeted about the incident.

Both of them unanimously condemned this action and highlighted how it is ridiculous and childish.

That being said, Jake Lucky mentions how having a Twitch stream without activated mods lures griefers and toxic players.

He highlighted that the support from these young pros showed how the Fortnite community can change for the better, with the proper guidance.

MamaBenjyFishy started her stream shortly after, this time with mods activated.

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