Fortnite pro Bugha speaks out against trolls and online hate in light of 'haircut' fiasco 

The recent hate that Bugha has been receiving is linked to his la collaboration with discount store chain Five Below (Image Credits:
The recent hate that Bugha has been receiving is linked to his latest collaboration with discount store chain Five Below (Image Credits:
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Kyle Giersdorf, aka Bugha, has become one of the most well-known Fortnite pros ever since he emerged as the inaugural Fortnite World Cup champion.

The 17-year-old Fortnite pro became an overnight sensation after his stunning victory at the Fortnite World Cup, which saw him adorn the front page of prominent news portals and also landed him an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. Bugha has so far earned millions in Fortnite earnings and continues to participate in various competitive tournaments.

He also has millions of fans across various social media platforms and often posts on Twitter, where he recently addressed online hate and trolls:

Despite being one of the most popular faces in the Fortnite streaming scene, Bugha is a polarising figure, especially among fellow pros, who often take jibes at the teenager.

The recent hate that Bugha has been receiving is linked to a collaboration with discount store chain Five Below, where he ended up being criticised for his haircut.

His haircut is not the only reason behind the recent hate train, which several members of the online community seemed to have hopped onto, as Bugha was recently also criticised for spending time with his girlfriend. In addition, his dad was even called out for being a 'leech'.

Most of the criticism directed at Bugha seems to be unwarranted and unnecessary, which is why many of his fans have extended their support to him online.

Bugha battles trolls online


Irrespective of all the hate that Bugha receives online, there is no denying that the teenager has made quite a name for himself in the competitive scene, all at the young age of 17.

From earning millions to launching his own 'Fortnite class', Bugha has cultivated his own brand, which seeks to inspire several budding pros across the globe.

Recently, his noble endeavour with Five Below to introduce accessible, affordable gaming gear ended up backfiring as several people called him out for his new haircut.

As the criticism began to pile up, Bugha eventually spoke out against the trolls via his latest tweet. He claimed that despite trying his best to ignore the criticism, it tends to get the better of him at times.

He was backed up by his fans, who extended their support to him and advised him to simply ignore the haters and focus on doing what he does best:

While the recent hate directed at Bugha may have revealed the toxic side of the Fortnite community, it also highlighted the positive side as several fans did not hesitate to remind Bugha of his real worth.

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